Tabitha Salomon Is Gifting Children Party Boxes to Help Them Celebrate Their Birthdays During COVID-19

Through her "Spread Joy" campaign, the founder and CEO of Party Dash has made celebratory supplies accessible to families in need.

Tabitha Salomon of Party Dash
Photo: Courtesy of Party Dash

If you've ever been in charge of hosting a kids' party, then you already know how much work is involved. Enter Tabitha Salomon, founder and CEO of Party Dash, the company that delivers beautifully curated, sustainably-made party supplies straight to your front door. "Parties are for celebrating friends, family, and loved ones, but planning these events are often stressful and anything but joyous," says Salomon. "From visiting three to five stores to piecemeal decorations together, chaotic in-store party retailer experiences, and a lack of sustainable initiatives in an industry that revolves around single-use products, we knew there had to be a better way for customers to plan special events."

Whether you're hosting a unicorn-themed child's birthday party or a circus-inspired one, Salomon created Party Dash to give everyday party planners a joyful, convenient, and more eco-conscious way to shop for modern party supplies. "Today, Party Dash offers thoughtful party boxes that fit everyone's budget and style, without compromising the planet," she explains. "At Party Dash, we're obsessed with helping you create happy memories. We take care of the party supplies and decorations so you can focus on creating memorable experiences."

Her Inspiration

After Salomon and her sister spent over 40 hours preparing for her nephew's birthday party, she knew something needed to be done. "I learned that this was typical when planning the average kids' birthday party," she explains. "The biggest culprits were the time spent creating inspiration boards, shopping for the right products, and setting up the party decorations."

In 2017, Salomon set out on a mission to make party-planning easier, events more special, and the world a more sustainable place. "I started small by launching one product, a 'Happy New Year' banner that stood out from other banners on the market," she says. "The very first month we sold 2,500 banners. We knew we were on to something special, so now we have a small, but mighty team who has reimagined party supplies and decorations to be convenient for you, the party planners, and good for our planet."

Inclusive Design

Party Dash specializes in themed party boxes, including mermaid, dinosaur, unicorn, carnival, space, rainbow, and safari themes, where you can conveniently score all of your party supplies—think balloons, cake toppers, and dinner wares—in one fell swoop. "My brilliant niece wants to be an astronaut, but only saw boys on space-themed products on party supplies," she explains. "This lack of female representation was discouraging to her, but an ah-ha moment for me. We are proud that more than 50-percent of our party boxes showcase gender-neutral designs without compromising on style."

Party Dash has also proudly hired an all-female design and leadership team, as Salomon says women are often overlooked in these key roles. "Women in leadership is one of our superpowers," she adds.

Sustainable Matters

Along with specially curated party boxes, Party Dash offers an impressive assortment of eco-friendly décor and supplies, including colorful wooden cutlery, festive biodegradable straws, and splashy recyclable paper plates. "Given our mission to help create a more sustainable world, over 80-percent of the products on the Party Dash website are biodegradable or recyclable," explains Salomon. "Additionally, for every purchase, Party Dash plants a tree to reforest trees around the world."

Giving Back

Not only does Party Dash plant a tree for every purchase, they also donate an item to someone affected by homelessness. When the pandemic hit, they launched the GiveJoy campaign, asking supporters for contributions to help donate goodie-filled party boxes to families in need, including laid-off service workers and overworked healthcare professionals. "When we realized that many children would go without traditional friends, family, and birthday parties due to the COVID-19 pandemic induced layoffs, our team moved swiftly into action to create the GiveJoy campaign," explains Salomon. "In the midst of these unprecedented times, it's an honor to uplift one another and help others celebrate."

Dash Camp

In line with Salomon's mission to create memorable experiences, Party Dash recently launched Dash Camp, offering virtual experiences or children six to 11 years old. "Kids from around the country join in on arts and crafts, dance parties, and even ventriloquism shows," she explains. "Positivity, creativity, and overall childhood well-being are at the heart of Dash Camp's experiences, and the friendships campers make with each other and our 'wizards' are life-changing."

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