As the groom's closest confidant, it's only natural that this role would be responsible for handling a few big-day tasks.
groom smiling while getting ready with groomsmen before wedding

Since the maid of honor is busy taking care of the bride on the wedding day, it's only fitting that the best man be available to help the groom. Here, a couple of big-day tasks that the groom's right hand man should plan to take care of, as well as a few ways he can ensure the entire day runs smoothly.

Keep the groom calm.

If he's got the jitters hours before the wedding, do something with him that'll make him relax. Play his favorite music, throw a Frisbee around in the park, watch a favorite movie, or make him laugh.

Encourage the groom and groomsmen to keep the pre-ceremony drinks to a minimum.

It's pretty common for both sides of the wedding party to enjoy a few celebratory drinks ahead of the ceremony, but keep the groom and the rest of the groomsmen from over-indulging. It's important that the groom remembers this momentous day clearly, and you want to ensure the rest of the attendants make it down the aisle in an orderly fashion.

Make sure the groom is prepared.

Running through a checklist couldn't hurt. If he's getting dressed at the wedding site, make sure has has his suit/tuxedo, shirt, tie, cufflinks, and underwear, including dress socks. If he wrote custom vows, make sure he's got a copy to bring with him.

Check in with the groomsmen.

Go over an abbreviated checklist with them to make sure they have all their outfit necessities, too. You'll also want to remind them when they need to be ready by, where to go ahead of the ceremony, and their order during the processional.

Demonstrate how to attach a boutonnière.

Give the groomsmen a brief demo on pinning their flower to their lapel since you've already mastered it. Ensure everyone has attached theirs properly so they won't fall off during photos or the ceremony.

Remember to bring the rings.

It's a classic situation where the best man forgets all about the wedding rings and leaves them home or at the hotel. To be safe, store them in the pocket of the jacket you'll be wearing to the wedding.

Help the groom get dressed.

This would involve tying the tie or fastening the cufflinks. The groom should know how to do the rest by himself!


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