The right attire really does make all the difference.

Other than a post-proposal party, posing for engagement photos is one of the first ways a couple really gets to celebrate their newly-minted relationship status. And especially now, in the world of COVID-19, when gathering opportunities are extremely limited, it's important to take advantage of any opportunities you have to celebrate this special time. So, if you've been on the fence about engagement photos, go ahead and do them—not only will you have beautiful snapshots that help you commemorate this season of your lives together, but this session will also help you prepare for time in front of the camera when your wedding day does arrive. Plus, you can utilize those portraits on everything from your save-the-date cards to your wedding website.

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Credit: Kayla Barker

Because you want these photos to be something you'll cherish for a lifetime, it's important to get the details just right. That starts with your attire—most photographers suggest one outfit change during the course of the session. To that end, we spoke to six different wedding photographers and asked them to share their all-favorite attire ideas for engagement photos. From formal looks to comfortable neutrals, here's what the pros suggest wearing.

Choose at Least One Comfortable Look

If you're planning to wear two different outfits for your photos, the pros agree that one should be more comfortable than the other. And if you're sticking with just one look, choose one that you can move freely and feel great in. "When it comes down to formal versus informal outfits, we always like couples to feel comfortable in their clothing," says Pervez Taufiq, lead photographer for PTaufiq Photography.

Select Outfits That Show Off Your Character

"My all-time favorite outfits for engagement sessions are ones that show off the characters of the couple," says Los Angeles-based wedding photographer Jessica Castro. "I always love when color, texture, and accessories are used to showcase personality." To that end, if you're not a jeans-and-t-shirt kind of couple, it doesn't make sense to wear these types of casual pieces for your photos. The same goes for formalwear: If you never wear dresses, or your husband-to-be never wears suits, why would you wear them for these photos?

Get Creative with Fabrics

Consider more than just the color and cut of your attire, the pros say. The fabrics your pieces are made of have a big impact on the overall look of the photos, too. "Fabrics that move help to inject life into engagement sessions," says Amy Kolodziej of Sunshower Photography. It doesn't have to always be that you're wearing a dress that's flowing in the wind, but she suggests that a nice curve of pooled fabric can elevate the feel of any session.

Look for Neutrals

"Neutrals are always a win in my book if you're really unsure about what to wear for your engagement session," says Keith Phillips of Classic Photographers. And contrary to popular belief, he explains that you are not required to wear white during your engagement session.

Think About Contrasts

"Here in Texas we get so many casual sessions out in a field," says Jenny DeMarco of Jenny DeMarco Photography. "With this in mind, I have been inspired to encourage some couples to go the polar opposite and really glam it up."

Dress Appropriately for the Location

"Dress appropriately for the location you've chosen to have your session at," says Katharine Hauschka with Kate Haus Photography. If you're shooting in a big city, she advises dressing up, choosing a look that feels fancy and fun. However, if you're shooting at a beach or in the mountains, she suggests making sure you look like you are meant to be there.


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