This Is How Often a Relationship Expert Think You and Your Fiancé Should Have a Date Night

There's no reason why your weekly date night tradition should fall to the wayside now.

Whether you've been together for two years or ten, experts agree that prioritizing your relationship and making time for date nights is essential. That's especially true during the engagement period, when free time might be otherwise overtaken by wedding-planning tasks. While crossing items off your to-do list is important (and likely something you'll do as a pair), setting aside time for one another so that you can truly focus on your partnership is key.

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So, how often should you and your fiancé plan a "date" night? Lauren Grech, CEO, and founder of LLG and adjunct professor at New York University, says, "Fiancées should plan a date night once a week, whether it's a coffee date or picnic in the park. Date night doesn't have to be the typical dinner and a drink, or a movie in a theater. Get creative and look for free activities hosted by your city, whether it's concerts outside or movies under the stars. If you're passionate about a cause or charity, sign up to volunteer together for an hour." Now, perhaps more than ever before, the idea of a date is truly flexible. Maybe you two will go for a hike, prepare a new recipe together at home, or rent a movie you've both been dying to watch. As long as you're spending the time together, what you do is actually secondary.

Simply put, worry less about what you and your fiancé do for your "date" and more about how often you're logging focused time together. Because wedding planning can be so time-consuming, having a few hours set aside each week to simply be together will help the overall health of your relationship. Remember: Your wedding is just one day, but your relationship is meant to be forever, so prioritizing keeping it strong is a task worth doing.

Looking for creative ways to spend time together? First and foremost, Grech recommends that you both set down your phones during your date night so that you can be totally present. As for what to do during these dates, feel free to crowdsource ideas. "If you need creative ideas for date nights, ask your wedding party to make a 'Date Jar' for your wedding shower, or have a fun, interactive portion of your wedding website that allows guests to make a suggestion based on dates they love," she says.

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