17 Dessert Recipes Made Using Marshmallows

Bryan Gardner

A cup of hot chocolate isn't complete without a sprinkle of mini marshmallows on top. S'mores next to a campfire are only as good as the golden-brown finish of a toasted jumbo marshmallow on top. And no sandwich brings us back to childhood more than peanut butter and marshmallow creme between white bread. It's safe to say that marshmallows will always have a place in our heart, which is why we've come up with 17 different ways to make use of marshmallows and marshmallow-based products in dessert recipes.

Let's start by talking about the S'mores Milkshake that's pictured here. Hot fudge sauce is spread on the sides of a tall glass; next, the shake, which is made with chocolate ice cream, milk, toasted marshmallows, and crumbled graham crackers, is poured into the glass. The decadent treat is then finished with whipped cream, more marshmallows, and even more hot fudge. Can't get enough of campfire-inspired dessert recipe that uses marshmallows? Then make a batch of our S'mores Bars, which are made with chopped chocolate and broken graham cracker pieces. Or try our out-of-this-world S'mores Pie for another family-friendly dessert that will delight kids and adults alike.

One of the most classic ways to use marshmallows is in Rice Krispies-inspired bars. We share four variations of our Crispy Cereal Treats so there's one for you no matter your flavor preferences (fruity or chocolate or somewhere in between). One thing is consistent in all four recipes—melted marshmallows to bind the mixture together.

Grab a bag of mini (or jumbo) marshmallows and start baking these sweet-as-can-be dessert recipes featuring marshmallows.

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Crispy Cereal Treats

full grid of crispy rice cereal treats
Kirsten Francis

The base of these sweet cereal bars calls for a 10-ounce bag of mini marshmallows, which helps to bind chocolate puffed rice cereal or flaked corn cereal with dried fruit, chopped chocolate, coconut flakes, nuts, and more.

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Easy Fudge Bites

easy fudge bites
Alpha Smoot

If the idea of making fudge from scratch intimidates you, try this simple approach, which calls for bittersweet chocolate, three cups of mini marshmallows, sugar, and whole milk.

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S'mores Bars

smores bars in heart and square shapes
Kana Okada

This recipe combines two treats in one—Rice Krispies bars and S'mores—thanks to a combination of puffed rice cereal, miniature marshmallows, graham crackers, and chopped chocolate.

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Sweet-Potato Custard Pie

sweet-potato custard pie topped with marshmallows
Johnny Miller

Finish this classic fall pie by topping the sweet potato filling with large marshmallows, which are arranged in concentric circles and torched until caramelized. The sweet topping is a delicious contrast to the subtly spiced custard.

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Popcorn on the Cob

candy corn on cob
Aaron Dyer

For the most festive autumnal treat, make this corn on the cob-inspired dessert using a base of popped popcorn, unsalted butter, miniature marshmallows, brown sugar, and chocolate-covered sunflower seeds.

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Fourth of July Rice Krispie Treats

rice krispie treats with fruit
Bryan Gardner

Show off your stars and stripes with this patriotic dessert recipe that calls for mini marshmallows, freeze-dried raspberries, and freeze-dried blueberries.

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Toasted S'mores Pie


A simple pie with plenty of campfire flavor, this recipe starts with a graham cracker crust. The filling is made with a combination of melted chocolate, heavy cream, and mini marshmallows; refrigerate until set then top with broiled marshmallows.

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Cowboy Cookie S'mores

cowboy cookie smores
Linda Pugliese

Upgrade basic oatmeal cookies with a sweet, chewy, and oh so decadent combination of bittersweet chocolate, chopped pecans, unsweetened shredded coconut, and jumbo marshmallows.

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Cream-Filled Chocolate Cupcakes


These black and white cupcakes are the ultimate nostalgic treat. The moist chocolate cupcakes are filled with marshmallow creme, then piped with even more of the cream for a topping.

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Marshmallow Fudge

marshmallow fudge
Bryan Gardner

Skip the candy thermometer and complicated process of making fudge with this easy recipe for beginners. It combines evaporated milk, mini marshmallows, bittersweet chocolate, and sugar.

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Rocky-Road Bites

chocolates wrapping box nuts
Chelsea Cavanaugh

All you need is four ingredients for this quick and easy dessert that uses marshmallows, whole almonds, chocolate, and mini broken pretzel sticks.

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Snowman Cupcakes

snowman cupcakes with marshmallows
Bryan Gardner

Top classic vanilla cupcakes with our go-to buttercream frosting and the most cheerful snowmen made with jumbo marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles for eyes, chocolate-covered candy for the hat, and orange-coated sunflower seeds for a bright nose.

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Chocolate Ice Cream Cake with Hazelnuts and Marshmallow Swirl

Chris Court

Our indulgent ice cream cake features a homemade marshmallow swirl that is folded into chocolate ice cream along with crumbled chocolate cake and toasted hazelnuts.

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Peanut-Butter-Filled Cupcakes

Andrew Purcell

No frosting necessary! These chocolate cupcakes are simply finished with a dusting of confectioners' sugar because they hold a sweet surprise. Peanut butter is combined with marshmallow creme for a light and airy mixture that is used to fill the baked cupcakes.

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S'mores Bark


Think of this as an inside-out s'mores bar. Top homemade chocolate bark with coarsely chopped graham crackers and mini marshmallows, then refrigerate until firm.

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Marshmallow Snowflakes


Give your cup of hot cocoa an extra dose of sweetness with homemade marshmallows cut into the shape of snowflakes. We can't imagine a more festive treat for a snow day.

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