The Best of the Martha Show

Long before viral social media videos existed, you loved watching Martha on air, learning her quick and easy tips and tricks for everything from folding fitted sheets to making delectable desserts. Now, we're helping you look back at these defining teaching moments and revisit some of her all-time greatest lessons.

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She takes us step by step, from tucking in top sheets to carefully arranging throw pillows.
This Is Martha's Bleach-Free Trick for Getting Your Whites That Much Brighter
So long as you're using ultra-hot water, you can skip the chemicals, she explains.
Martha's Quick Tip for Removing a Fresh Oil Stain from Clothing Is Genius
The next time a bite of food leaves its mark on your favorite top, give this clever method a try.
Watch Martha Uncover the Secret for Growing Perfect, Lush Roses
In this vintage clip, Martha interviews a famous rose expert for his best growing tips.
Martha's Best Tricks for Cleaning All Types of Houseplants
Learn how to carefully remove dust and debris with these timeless tips from our founder.

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