The Best Ponytail Holders for Every Hair Type

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Whether you are putting your hair up in preparation for a workout or simply styling an updo for the day, you'll likely need a hair tie to keep your look in place, and that's true whatever your hair's texture. Take caution before purchasing a new pack, however, since not all iterations are suited for your straight, wavy, curly, or coily hair type. "If you use the wrong hair tie once a month, you probably won't notice a difference, but with daily use, you will begin to see breakage that wasn't normally there," Angel Cardona, a Sebastian Professional top artist, says. "The area most susceptible to breakage is going to be the perimeter hairline that stays on the surface of the ponytail—both on top and around your face and underneath, in the nape."

In addition to adding some moisture to your hair before and after you pull it back into a style—Cardona recommends Sebastian Professional Potion 9 ($15.16,—there's another general rule of thumb to follow when styling any type: Make sure your tie isn't too tight. "The tighter the ponytail is, the easier your hair can snap. And the thinner the hair tie, the easier it can get tangled in your hair," Cardona adds. That being said, choosing a hair tie that won't snag and break your hair is going to be the most helpful first step. "Scrunchies are back in style with the '90s trends and they are excellent and much gentler on your hair, especially the silk and satin options," he continues.

Plus, there are more options on the market than ever before that cater to every hair texture—so you can keep your strands healthy and cared for whenever and however you put them up. That's why we've rounded up some of our favorite hair ties you can buy right now; they are versatile enough for almost anyone's needs.

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invisibobble hair ties
Courtesy of Invisibobble

While Cardona notes that these hair rings are suited for all hair types, they work best in thicker hair; they're also a good choice for wavy, curly, and coily strands, since the coils mimic these curl patterns.

Shop Now: Invisibobble "Crystal Clear" Hair Ring, $7.99,

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Silk Scrunchies

silk slip scrunchies
Courtesy of Dermstore

Looking to add a scrunchie into your routine? These silk iterations are gentle enough for anyone, but they're best for those with chemically treated (think relaxers) hair.

Shop Now: Slip Pure Silk Large Scrunchies, $39,

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Bungee Elastics

kitsch bungee elastic hair ties
Courtesy of Kitsch

If you have thick hair or a heavy protective style, like braids, these Kitsch bungees will safely hold strands in a ponytail or other style.

Shop Now: Kitsch Bungee Elastics, $7,

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Classic Ties

ouchless goody hair ties
Courtesy of Target

Made particularly for fine to thin types, these ties are classics. Plus, the metal-free "ouchless" elastic design ensures hair doesn't snag.

Shop Now: Goody "Ouchless" Elastic Hair Ties, $3.39,

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Velvet Scrunchies

urban outfitters velvet scrunchies
Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

These velvet scrunchies are best for straight or wavy types. We like that they also add a punch of color to an otherwise simple style.

Shop Now: Urban Outfitters Velvet Scrunchie Set, $12,

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Snappee Ties

swirly curly snappee hair ties
Courtesy of Swirly Curly

Swirly Curly's "Snappee" hair ties are perfect for holding thick, curly hair. As their name suggests, they snap in place, which eliminates the need to continuously wrap these textures with tight elastic.

Shop Now: Swirly Curly "Snappee" Hair Ties, $20,

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Mini Hair Ties

cyndibands hair ties
Courtesy of CyndiBands

These ties from CyndiBands work well for styling all hair types, from fine to thick, Cardona says.

Shop Now: CyndiBands Minis Small Hair Ties, $9.95,

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Organic Scrunchies

kooshoo organic scrunchies
Courtesy of Kooshoo

Soft, organic ties by Kooshoo are best for those with straight hair types who want something for all-day wear, sans tension headaches.

Shop Now: Kooshoo Organic Scrunchies, $20,

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Satin Scarf

grace eleyae satin scarf hair tie
Courtesy of Grace Eleyae

Hair ties and scrunchies aren't the only ways to hold up your hair: A satin scarf is protective (no stretching!) and can be used in a myriad of ways. Try this one from Grace Eleyae—it locks in moisture and fights frizz—if you have a tighter curl pattern.

Shop Now: Grace Eleyae Black and Red Satin Scarf, $20,

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Silk Scarf

breezy tee scarf hair tie
Courtesy of Breezy Tee

Cardona affirms that silk is the best hair tie material—particularly for tighter curl patterns—so delicately tie up your hair with this handmade option.

Shop Now: BreezyTee "Silk Twill" Scarf, $45.50,

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Satin Bandie

the wrap life bandie hair tie
Courtesy of The Wrap Life

Pull your hair back with this satin-lined bandie, which best protects natural, textured hair types.

Shop Now: The Wrap Life Satin-Lined Bandie, $24,

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