The Best Wine Glasses for Everyday Drinking

bormioli rocco stackable wine glasses
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From stemless to stackable, bulb-shaped to balloon, here are our favorite wine glasses for regular use.

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made by design wine glasses beside cheese plate
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Whether company's coming or the last dinner party you hosted left your stash in smithereens, chances are your stemware is in need of a reboot. And we're here to help, sharing an enticing array of everyday wine glasses that will serve you well for everything from happy hour and book club gatherings—in real life or virtual—to holiday dinners or most any occasion imaginable.

Even if every glass in your kitchen cabinet or home bar is completely intact, free of hairline cracks and relentless smudges, it's not a bad idea to widen the circle. For instance, you could supplement your trusty utilitarian vessels with a set of dishwasher-safe stemless wine glasses made from crystal glass strengthened with titanium to shield against breakage—obviously perfect for butter-fingered wine lovers. Another option is to purchase varietal-specific glasses, or those made for white wine or red wine, in shapes that allow the wine to breathe, boosting its aromas and releasing its flavors, and enhancing the quaffing experience.

Case in point: Burgundy glasses, made from durable, lead-free crystal glass, with wide, rounded bowls, are designed to maximize the depth of this aromatic, complex red wine. And contemporary white wine glasses boast rounded edges, long stems, and thinner bowls that are easy to cradle while letting all kinds of whites, from sauvignon blanc to chardonnay, aerate.

Should you prefer multipurpose wine glasses, consider the large-sized, reasonably priced glasses ($15 for six, that are shown here. They're a workhorse style that'll serve you well for any occasion, and they're affordable enough that you could comfortably purchase a new set in the event that any become damaged over time. And if you're looking to surprise a friend or relative with a set or two, we have some beautiful picks that are ideal for gifting, like elegant gold-rimmed stemware and rustic, mouth-blown wine goblets, available in a wide range of colors.

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Gold-Rimmed Wine Glasses

martha stewart collection clear optic gold rim wine glasses
Courtesy of Macy's

A sophisticated choice for everyday sipping, this gilt-edged stemware set, made from soda-lime glass, is also special enough for celebrations. Be sure to handwash these delicate pieces.

Shop Now: Martha Stewart Collection Gold-Rimmed Wine Glasses, $42.99 for four,

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Stackable Modern Wine Glasses

bormioli rocco stackable wine glasses
Courtesy of Rebecca Firkser/Food52

Raise a glass to this durable, dishwasher-safe set of modern vessels made from Star Glass, the manufacturer's own transparent, non-lead crystal glass. They're beautiful and functional—the stackable shape makes storage a breeze.

Shop Now: Bormioli Rocco Stackable Wine Glasses, $36 for six,

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Stemless Crystal Wine Glasses

schott zwiesel stemless wine glass
Courtesy of Sur La Table

Crafted in Germany from titanium-reinforced, light as air Schott Zwiesel® crystal, this stemless set is strong enough to weather the most raucous dinner party imaginable.

Shop Now: Schott Zwiesel® Air Glassware Stemless Wine Glasses, $90 for six,

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Burgundy Wine Glasses

willsberger burgundy glasses
Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

Add a European touch to the table with these dishwasher-safe, German-made Burgundy glasses. They're a machine-made recreation of handcrafted Willsberger glassware, featuring wide, rounded bowls to elevate the depth of this treasured red wine.

Shop Now: Spiegelau Willsberger Burgundy Glasses, $51.99 for four,

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French Tumblers

duralex gigogne tumbler glasses
Courtesy of Food52

Made from Duralex, tempered, chip- and impact-resistant glass, these nesting wine tumblers are also dishwasher and freezer safe. As expected, they stack like a dream.

Shop Now: Duralex French Gigone Tumblers, $45 for 12,

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French Bee Wine Glasses

la rochere french bee wine glasses
Courtesy of Sur La Table

French-ify your next meal with these charming wine glasses made by France's oldest glassmaker and adorned with a bee pattern, a symbol of Provence.

Shop Now: La Rochère French Bee Wine Glasses, $65 for six,

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Crystal White Wine Glasses

fortessa schott zweisel white wine glasses
Courtesy of Ty Mecham/Food52

Reinforced at both the base and the bowl, these angled white wine glasses are made from super-sturdy Schott Zwiesel® Crystal Glass. They'll serve you well for years to come.

Shop Now: Schott Zwiesel® "Fortessa" White Wine Glasses, $84 for six,

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Colored Wine Goblets

bitossi home bloom wine goblet turquoise
Courtesy of Amara

On nights when you set the table for, say, paella or goulash, rustic glassware with heft, like these mouth-blown wine goblets, sold in a range of colors, seems more fitting than delicate stemware.

Shop Now: Bitossi Home Wine Goblet, $9,

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Tulip Wine Glasses

luminarc all purpose tulip wine glasses
Courtesy of Overstock

Simple yet sophisticated, these contemporary glasses have a thinner bowl than other standard shapes, plus rounded edges and a long stem, all adding up to easy handling and a great tasting experience.

Shop Now: Luminarc All-Purpose Tulip Wine Glasses, $36.49 for four,

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Champagne/Rosé Glasses

riedel extreme rose wine glass
Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

Give your bubbles the royal treatment with these lead-free crystal glasses, made in Germany. They're designed with angular bowls that allow the bouquets of sparkling wine and rosé to unfold.

Shop Now: Riedel Extreme Champagne/Rosé Wine Glasses, $45 for two,

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Spanish-Style Stemless Glasses

spanish style stemless wine glasses
Courtesy of Rocky Luten/Food52

Taking a page from the glasses used at wine bars throughout Spain, these handsome glasses, handmade in Morocco, are perfect for a pour of Rioja or any liquid, for that matter.

Shop Now: The Food52 Vintage Shop Moroccan Spanish-Style Wine Glasses, $84 for six,

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Multipurpose Wine Glasses

made in wine glass set
Courtesy of Made In

Drawing inspiration from artisanal glass-making techniques, this refined stemware also has the modern advantage of being free from heavy metals and reinforced with titanium, so it wards off breakage and abrasion.

Shop Now: Made In Wine Glasses, $99 for eight,

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Crystal White Wine Glasses

vervino white wine glasses
Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

Made from shatterproof Tritan®, the lightest Schott Zwiesel® crystal glass, these thin-walled, long-stemmed beauties turn a glass of sauvignon blanc, Pouilly-Fuisse, or white Burgundy into something of an event.

Shop Now: Schott Zwiesel® "Vervino" White Wine Glasses, $96 for six,

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Stemless Red Wine Glasses

govino plastic red wine glasses
Courtesy of Target

A Napa Valley innovation, these recyclable, BPA-free, stemless wonders are made from polymers that allow for the aromatic properties typically associated with fine crystal.

Shop Now: Govino Red Wine Glasses, $19.99 for two,

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