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The bed-in-a-box is a relatively new phenomenon: Online retailers sell mattresses by compressing, boxing, and shipping them directly to your door. Currently, there are several companies that use this model, which is extremely convenient for those who can't or don't want to venture into a store. "Bed-in-a-box became popular when manufactures figured out that foam can be compressed and roll-packed for easy shipping and online sales," explains Trisha Chamberlain, the owner of Mattress Mania in Las Vegas, Nevada. "There are varying qualities of foam," she continues, adding that some are natural and some synthetic. "The higher density per square foot, the more firm and durable they are." Before you buy one of these products, Chamberlin suggests researching to see which type of foam will work best for your body type and preferred sleeping position—especially since you're skipping that in-store test.

The popularity of these mattresses grew out of a new generation that didn't want the awkward experience of going into a store to lie down on a mattress under harsh fluorescent lights. "Buying a mattress is an intimate experience, and the bed-in-a-box brings that moment into your home," explains Jessica Hann, the Vice President of Brand Marketing at Avocado Green Mattress. To find the best possible iteration, Hann suggests looking for third-party validations and certifications like GOTS, GOLS, and Greenguard Gold when you shop. "Seek out a company, like Avocado, that will do a virtual retail appointment," she adds. "You can Zoom with one of our experts, who can really help you find the right firmness and model for you." Ahead, some of our favorite bed-in-a-box mattresses to shop right now.

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This mattress by Avocado is made with organic-certified latex, wool, and cotton. It has five zones, which are made up of over a thousand pocketed coils; they hug your body in the best-possible way. Opt for the attached pillow-top version for maximum comfort. And if you don't love your mattress, know that you can return it up to a year after your purchase.

Shop Now: Avocado Green Mattress with Pillow-Top, $1,199,

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You won't have to sacrifice comfort for support when you buy this cooling mattress from Casper. With seven zones, two layers, and a hybrid design that includes both foam and springs, you'll stay cool overnight while feeling supported and well rested in the morning. Better yet, Casper gives you 100 nights to test out the mattress in your home.

Shop Now: Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress, $1,796,

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Brooklyn Bedding

With a one-inch top layer of foam, a secondary two inches of higher density gel-infused foam, another inch of hyper-dense memory foam (with a gel infusion!), and a final inch before the eight-inch base of coils, this hybrid model from Brooklyn Bedding will keep you calm, cool, and collected all through the night. Test it yourself during a 120-day trial.

Shop Now: Brooklyn Bedding Brooklyn Sedona Hybrid Mattress, $999.20,

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Thanks to this option's six whopping layers of support, you'll never know you're actually sleeping atop a coil mattress—each tier offers the cool comfort you crave. From the cashmere blend topper all the way to the bottom layer (which prevents the mattress from moving around while redistributing vibrations from the coils), DreamCloud engineers thought of everything when designing this model, which includes a 365-night home trial.

Shop Now: DreamCloud Premier Mattress, $1,099,

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It doesn't matter which way you like to sleep—front, back, or side—when you have this option from Nectar: The 11-inch-high mattress won the 2020 Tuck award for each sleep position. If you suffer from back pain, or need more support than usual, this mattress is for you. Take it for a test run with their year-long trial.

Shop Now: Nectar Memory Foam Mattress, $799,

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