We asked a few interior designers to share their predictions.
neutral-colored dining room with black fireplace

Home décor trends change throughout the years and are inspired by a variety of influences, including fashion, design, culture, and—in recent decades—social media. Some motifs are even a response to social shifts and change, something we became acutely aware of in 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. "We're spending time working, learning, and living all in one space with the lines blurring, so we're seeing a rise in cottagecore design," explains Glenn Gissler, an award-winning Brooklyn-based interior designer and founder of Glenn Gissler Design. "The years prior to the pandemic, in the last two years (at least), we saw a rise in minimalism and hygge." As we shift into uncharted territory in 2021, new trends are to be expected. Here's where our homes are headed, according to our experts.

Dark Trim, Doors, and Ceilings

Betsy Glass, a Charleston-based interior designer and the owner of The Flippin Designer, predicts that dark trim will become the new white. "Dark paint is starting to become a replacement for white and really gives a bold, rich vibe and complements [a space] beautifully!" she says. Expect to see this trend carried out on home exteriors, as well. "Landscaping really pops against a dark finish as the backdrop," she adds.

Big, Multi-Purpose Tables

"In this era of working from home, schooling from home, and well, just being home all the time, a very large table can serve as the new heart of the home," notes Gissler. "If the table is large enough, one end can be devoted to 'work' and 'school,' and the other end can be used for dining." To accommodate this trend further, he recommends adding a few lamps to the work-designated side of the station, to give the area a library feel.

Living Room Upgrades

Since movie theaters are no longer an option for most, there is more of an incentive to invest in upgrading our at-home technology, including larger flat-screen televisions and sound bars. "Given the increased amount of time at home, I think that sofas will also be upgraded too, with oversized L-shapes and modular versions becoming most popular," says Gissler. "To complement the sofas, large-scale coffee tables are poised for a comeback, as well."

Large-Scale Art

"Showing larger works in bold colors and in geometric or abstract patterns not only makes a stronger statement, but also avoids the clutter and chaos presented in gallery style," says Gissler. "In this day and age, feeling chaotic is the last thing we want to experience, especially at home, so investing in a large scale piece of art can bring joy and tranquility."

Tiled Stair Risers

This accent gives main staircases—or even an exterior stairwell—a true moment of impact, notes Glass. "Pick tile that pulls any other main color components in home, such as trim, windows, or cabinetry," she says. "This really brings attention to a simple home with a bold statement."

Comments (4)

Martha Stewart Member
January 28, 2021
Please tell me where we canget the beautiful basket that is on the table on the cover of this sight!!! saw one in Greece last year and I love it!!!
Martha Stewart Member
January 27, 2021
I don't go for trends because as an individual my statement is myself and my unique sense of style.
Martha Stewart Member
January 27, 2021
The 2021 decor trends seem to take a step into the more practical/function and less is more direction which I definitely love and it’s about time! I do, however not like the trend of painting doors, trim and ceilings dark. The picture of the dining table with the dark accents in the background looks very cold and stark. This trend seems gloomy to me and in the extraordinary times that we are all living through, subdued and dark is not comforting. Just my opinion. I like to find the light wherever I can find it, even if it is in a can of bright paint...
Martha Stewart Member
January 26, 2021
Read the new trends for 2021. Plain and simple do not care for the dark trim, ceiling or anything dark, just would make it gloomy but that's my opinion, as for the dining table never liked using it as a work station, it should be used for dining, again my opinion and taste. I do however like the living room make over idea.