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Storage space always seems to be something we need more of, no matter how big or small our closets are. And if you're particularly short on bedroom drawer or shelf space, you may be looking for other ways to store your clothes. Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives—and, according to our experts, there are even some advantages to not having a big, bulky dresser. "Dressers, bureaus, and highboys take up a great deal of space in a room, are heavy to move, and can be visually heavy, as well," says Stacey Agin Murray, a professional organizer at Organized Artistry, LLC. "Instead, clothes can be hung on hangers, hooks, or on racks in closets; or they can be folded or rolled and placed in storage pieces that have the same capabilities as a drawer." Here, she and other storage experts share their favorite solutions for organizing your clothes if you don't have a ton of drawer space to work with.

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Place bins on top of shelves.

Placing bins on shelves is an easy fix, says Jeanie Engelbach, a New York-based interior designer and the founder of Apartment Jeanie, but not everyone has the adequate surface area to do so—or shelves are simply too high for everyday accessibility. "If you don't have the wall space to hang open canvas bins vertically, consider the back of the closet door," she proposes. "You can get an entire dresser's worth of clothing in separate open bins if there is enough space between the door and clothing rod."

Try a cubby system.

Cubbies aren't just for the kids—they can also be used as a place to store clothes. "Cubby systems are so versatile and can be used anywhere in the home," notes Murray. She recommends inserting decorative baskets inside the cubby holes to create "drawers." This helps conceal garments while offering a polished look, she says.

Use the space under your bed.

If you're really tight on space, Murray recommends utilizing the space under your bed—think of it as a drawer on the floor, she says. "Under-bed storage is perfect for storing off-season clothing such as sweaters in the summer and bathing suits and coverups in the winter—or for storing in-season clothes you don't wear often," she says. "Some options have a split lid for easy access to clothes on either side of a bed, wheels to roll them out and back under a bed easily, and latches to secure the lid tightly."

Invest in a storage ottoman.

Ottomans can act as footstools when positioned next to a chair or couch, but they can also hold clothes. "This type of multi-purpose piece is perfect for storing sweaters, sweatshirts, and off-season clothing—but you can also use it for jeans or bed linens," says Felice Cohen, a professional organizer. "Your guests may see a functional piece of furniture, but you see a storage solution."

Install hooks in your closet.

Cohen is a big fan of utilizing decorative hooks to hold jackets, sweatshirts, bags, and more. "Since you will 'see' these items, you will be more apt to wear and use them since they're not hidden away," she says, adding that this also means you're more likely to keep things neat.


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