We can't get enough of these snapshots into her life, both candid and curated.
Martha Stewart Everyday Women's Collection
Credit: Courtesy of Kevin Sharkey

This year, although unprecedented, offered a new opportunity to simplify our lives: We took to our gardens, reorganized our homes, and even picked up a new hobby or two (like baking banana bread, lots and lots of banana bread). Martha herself, unsurprisingly, took to the homebound lifestyle of quarantine quite effortlessly—and kept us entertained via Instagram all year long.

While in quarantine, she worked on her farm in Bedford, New York, raising a flock of baby geese, tending to vegetable and flower gardens, and video-chatting with celebrity friends on Martha Knows Best. She also spent quite a bit of time in the kitchen baking cookies, cooking up comfort meals like roasted eggplant pasta (and showing quite a nifty shake-and-peel garlic trick for it), and mixing up her signature drink—Martha-Rita, anyone?

Here, we look back on some of the founder's most memorable moments on her personal @marthastewart48 Instagram account.

A Retrospective Look

The year 2020 was an illustrious one for Martha and her life's work. After all, her namesake magazine Living celebrated its 30th milestone anniversary, which prompted a look back at her most iconic photo shoots, magazine covers, and collaborations with creatives across America. Of course, Martha loves a good throwback photo, too. At the beginning of this year, our founder joined in on the fun of this meme with a few fitting snapshots including a nod to her days as a former fashion model.

This Party Trick

It's hard to believe that we were enjoying dinner parties earlier this year, but January and February were normal months for all of us. It was at such a gathering back in February that Martha showcased a rather impressive secret talent. While hosting a dinner at Buccan restaurant in Palm Beach, Florida, Martha wowed the crowd by stacking glass upon glass of wine. In this candid photo, our founder appeared to be showing off an impressive balancing act of wine glasses in the middle of her dinner table—to the amazement of her guests and her Instagram followers online. But heed her warning, "Don't try it if you have had too much to drink! [Or] if you are wearing a very expensive outfit!"

Her Beauty Regimen

As we all withdrew indoors in the early spring during quarantine, Martha embraced the beauty trend of skinimalism, which marries the look of minimalist makeup with natural skin. In this selfie posted to her Instagram, lamented the absence of her hairstylist, makeup artist, colorist, and manicurist. At the same time, she reminded us of the importance of maintaining a simple skincare routine, namely, "Cleanse your skin well and moisturize morning [and] night. Tinted sunscreen is good all day and lip gloss, of course. Apply masks two or three times a week! If you can find CBD masks and serums, use those." Consider it a new kind of "glow-up."

Working from Home

Even stay-at-home orders couldn't stop Martha from innovating. As our homes turned into personal offices, Martha's business meetings became Zoom calls. At the end of March, she posted this snapshot while video chatting with her business partner, California Closets (the company responsible for epic her guest-room-turned-walk-in renovation), to discuss their collaboration—what's since been dubbed The Everyday System.

Every Time She Rode Out on the Farm

Martha isn't one to stay idle, which is why she's more than willing to get her hands dirty in the garden and around the Bedford farm­—and she has quite an interesting way of getting around. Whether it's driving a tractor to the tune of "She Works Hard for the Money" by Donna Summer, tilling the garden's soil to "Takin' Care of Business" by Canadian rock band Bachman-Turner Overdrive, or driving her new mower to "This Is How We Do It" by Montell Jordan, she says it "expresses my pleasure well."

Martha's Quaranteam

Martha made well over 100 different delicious dinners for herself and her quarantined staff on the farm, not to mention countless breakfasts and lunches. She went all out for the first triple-digit meal, preparing Ribeye steaks, creamy potatoes, and corn. Produce grown around Martha's property and in her greenhouse starred in her meals, as well as locally sourced ingredients from some of her favorite nearby establishments.

The Martha-Rita

Just as it was for everyone else, five o'clock couldn't come fast enough on the Bedford farm. For a virtual happy hour, Martha offered the perfect cocktail. Presenting: The aptly-named Martha-Rita with freshly squeezed lime juice, tequila blanco, triple sec, and pomegranate concentrate. "One drink per person—no more—and the card game will get very lively after dinner number 53 tonight," she said in her video. And if that doesn't suit your taste, might we suggest the Martha-Tini?

The Pool Selfie

Of course, nothing could have topped what is quite possibly the most famous selfie captured in 2020. As Martha explained after the fact, "Well, I had just had a very dear friend over for lunch and then I took a long swim and I was getting out of the pool. I was trying to take pictures of my gardens out there. And then the camera automatically went to, you know, selfie mode. I don't know why. So, I snapped the picture and I sent it to the internet." And with that, internet history was made. (It even spurred a series of imitators, including Chelsea Handler.)

A Good Thing for Garlic

Leave it to Martha to come up with a brilliant trick for to make at-home cooking even easier. While demonstrating how to make roasted eggplant pasta on Instagram Live this past fall, Martha showed an easy way to peel garlic: "When you're faced with a hard head of garlic, take a Ball mason jar, and smash [the garlic] with the jar," she said. "It breaks it all up into all the different cloves." No knifework required. And, dare we say, this may even top her previously shared garlic-peeling tip using mixing bowls.

New Business Ventures

The CBD industry is booming, especially with the rise of wellness and self care, in 2020. And, in true entrepreneurial form, Martha saw its investment potential early on. This fall, she announced the launch for her own line of CBD products including softgels, oil drops, "and yes, that is a gummy necklace!" as she added in her caption on Instagram.

A Cake for Richard Gere

Ever the innovator, Martha used technology to stay in touch with friends, family, and neighbors, and even followers at home. During an appearance on the Today Show, she demonstrated how to make three of her signature cakes from her latest book, Martha Stewart's Cake Perfection—the Lemon Mousse Cake, Chocolate-and-Vanilla Zebra Cake, and Mile-High Salted-Caramel Chocolate Cake. Heard faintly in the background was a phone call from Richard Gere, Martha's neighbor, who asked for the latter cake once the segment wrapped. (Just one of the perks to living down the road from Martha.)

Cookie Perfection

This latest batch of cookies from Martha caught our eye. After wrapping up a virtual cookie baking and decorating class with Potluck Dinner Party co-host Snoop Dogg, our founder shared a behind-the-scenes clip piping the finishing touches on, fittingly, a festive cannabis-leaf cookie. Also included in the baked spread: snowflakes, Christmas trees, gingerbread men, and an impressive wreath cookie in the rapper's likeness. In decorating for the holidays, "it looks like Santa's elves has been everywhere here in my kitchen," said Martha in the clip. Luckily, for us, all we need to do is turn to Martha for a little Christmas magic.


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