These Are Our Food Editors' Favorite New Recipes from 2020

tagliatelle with porcini butter sauce
Photo: David Malosh

In a year of uncertainty, our team favored innovative twists on classic comfort food.

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tagliatelle with porcini butter sauce
David Malosh

Looking for ways to become a more confident cook at home? Our food editors are here to help. Each week, we shine a spotlight on the exciting things happening in the Martha Stewart test kitchen. Our editors will share their best cooking tips, favorite products, new ideas, and more in our weekly series, Out of the Kitchen.

We like to end each year by taking a look back at the delicious recipes our food editors created in the test kitchen over the course of the past 365 days. But 2020 was uncharted territory for our pros—due to the coronavirus pandemic, our food editors had to shift from cooking over the many burners of our test kitchen stoves to just four burners in their own New York City apartments. Though everyone had to adjust to a new normal in 2020, one thing remained the same: our food editors' always reliable and absolutely delicious recipes were here to help you feed your families. We once again tasked them with looking back at their brand-new recipes, and these are the ones they selected as their favorites.

In addition to their most loved recipes—such as food editor at large Shira Bocar's Easy Tiramisu or senior food editor Lauryn Tyrell's Vinegared Pork Chop Milanese with Radish Salad—our food editors also declared their favorite story: Mighty Mushrooms from the November 2020 issue of Martha Stewart Living. "I love, love, love mushrooms and have one or two varieties in my fridge at all time," says deputy food editor Greg Lofts, who developed all of the recipes for this story. "They are versatile and packed with nutrition." Lauryn agreed that these recipes stood out among her favorites. "Mushrooms are nature's little wonders. There are so many varieties to choose from and each one offers something different in texture and taste."

Of course, in a year of so many unknowns, classic comfort food like stews, hearty Italian-American recipes, and individual desserts (for safely serving during COVID times) also came out on top.

In need of a little more dinner inspiration as you head into a new year? Consult the recipes that our food editors are sharing as their top choices from 2020—they're guaranteed winners.

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Coconut Miso Mushroom Soup

coconut-miso mushroom soup
David Malosh

"One sip of this soup and you'll never believe it's vegan. It's a play on cream of mushroom soup—only better and better for you. The miso and mushrooms give the soup earthiness, meatiness and umami, and the coconut milk makes it velvety and creamy without any dairy," says Greg.

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Mid-Atlantic Seafood Stew

mid-atlantic seafood stew
David Malosh

"The fish stew, which Greg developed, has a very clever swap, subbing in thick rounds of seared king trumpet mushrooms for scallops. Their earthy flavor and firm texture really complement the delicate fish and sweet smoky broth," says Lauryn.

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Easy Tiramisu

classic tiramisu served with espresso
Lennart Weibull

"This recipe is the platonic ideal," says Lauryn. "It's delicate and airy—not mushy. Slightly boozy and coffee-kissed, but not drenched in either. It's the clear choice for dessert if you're making an Italian-inspired dinner."

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Vinegared Pork Chop Milanese with Radish Salad

vinegared pork chop milanese with radish salad
Johnny Miller

"This was one of those recipes that, each time someone made it, the whole food team was standing over the stove eating it right out of the pan (pre-COVID, of course). This dish was perfect because it balanced the fattiness of the pork chop with vinegar and a hit of fresh flavor at the end with the radish salad," says assistant food editor Riley Wofford.

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Orange-Cardamom Bundt Cake

orange-cardamom bundt cake recipe
Marcus Nilsson

"We featured page after page of sweet and stunning Bundt cakes in the May 2020 issue of Martha Stewart Living, but my favorite by far was this one. The subtle spice paired with bright citrus was a match made in heaven—and a generous glaze on top adds to the magic," says associate digital food editor Kelly Vaughan.

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Hummingbird Carrot Cake

Hummingbird Carrot Cake Recipe
Chris Simpson

"This mashup takes the best of hummingbird cake and carrot cake and merges them into a spectacular and ridiculously delicious cake," says Greg. "It's also easy to make and make-ahead. The hummingbird flavors come in thanks to pineapple and coconut and there's plenty of cream cheese frosting for that perfect frosting-cake ratio in every bite."

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Grilled Pork Loin with Lemongrass

grilled pork loin with lemongrass
Christopher Testani

"The marinade is so flavorful and gives the pork just the right amount of char when it hits the grill from the soy and brown sugar. The sweet and tangy sauce and the fresh quick pickled veggies round out the dish and make it surprisingly light but very satisfying," says Lauryn.

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Rice Pudding with Sea Salt-Caramel Sauce

rice pudding with sea-salt caramel sauce and berries
Con Poulos

"Starchy short-grain rice cooked in whole milk creates a super creamy base; when topped with a luxurious combination of homemade caramel sauce, a sprinkling of flaky sea salt, and chocolate bits (my own personal touch), it becomes something truly extraordinary," says Kelly.

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Gingery Rainbow Chard and Black Rice Bowl

Gingery Rainbow-Chard and Black-Rice Bowl recipe
Lennart Weibull

"I make this pretty regularly (usually with brown rice)," says Riley. "It's a great healthy meal to reset; super simple and nutritious."

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Mini Pistachio Bundts

mini pistachio bundts recipe
Marcus Nilsson

"These are so special!" swoons Riley. "As a recipe tester, there are always certain recipes that I am more than happy to test over and over and over again, and this was one of them this year. The texture is so light and the flavor is so nice and buttery."

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Beef Braciole with Olives and Raisins

Beef Braciole with Olives and Raisins recipe
Chris Simpson

"This Italian-American classic reminds me of childhood. My mom made a version of this in the winter months and it was a family favorite. The olives and raisins may sound like an odd combination but they really play off of each other and the tomato sauce, giving this dish subtle sweet and briny notes to balance the rich beef," says Greg.

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