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Everyone's home likely includes a favorite place to unwind—and for many people, that's the bedroom. But if your safe haven is small, it can quickly become messy. That's why learning how to organize a small bedroom is key to ensuring the area remains a respite and a spot where you actually want to fall asleep every night.

The good news is, it's actually easier than you think to get it in shape. Ahead, we gathered tips from experts to help you learn how to organize a small bedroom in no time.

Add multi-purpose storage space.

Despite limited square footage, a small bedroom still has plenty of storage potential. You can take advantage of the space you have by using multipurpose furniture that also serves as storage space. "A Captain's Bed, with drawers along the base, can provide extra storage without requiring extra floor space," says Sharon Lowenheim, MBA, MSE, a certified professional organizer, a National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) board member, and the founder of Organizing Goddess. "Another alternative is under bed storage boxes—I recommend those with wheels, like The Container Store Long Under Bed Box with Wheels ($27," When buying your furniture, also think about the bedroom accessories that can add storage space. Lowenheim notes that end tables with drawers will keep everything you need bedside in order.

"Visually, no one wants the 'stuffed to the gills' look," Ashley Murphy and Marissa Hagmeyer, the cofounders of NEAT Method, say. "But you can still take advantage of under-the-bed space for items, like out-of-season clothing or bed linens. Just remember to choose matching bins that are cohesive with the aesthetic of the space, so it doesn't look chaotic." You can try out drawer dividers to give your dresser drawers some boundaries between undergarments and T-shirts, too. This is an important step in organizing a small bedroom.

Go vertical.

Murphy and Hagmeyer note that if you're short on floor space, thinking vertically is key. "Opt for a chest of drawers over a horizontal dresser," they say. "Hooks, like Muuto's Dot Hooks ($222.82,, look like intentional art when not in use, [and] are also a great way to use vertical space." Don't forget about the little things when thinking through how to organize a small bedroom. The Neat Method experts share that if you have space under hanging clothes, you can include vertical shoe storage on the hanging rod.

Other items, like floor lamps or wall-mounted lamps, can help keep your floors clutter-free. And jewelry on a wall-mounted storage closet—such as the Amrutha Wall Mounted Jewelry Armoire with Mirror ($145.99,—can make for an easy way to store accessories in your bedroom.

white desk wooden chair next to bed

Include smaller furniture.

Naturally, to organize a small bedroom, using smaller furniture will always go a long way to keep the space tidy. "Many furniture brands offer 'apartment' sized beds and dressers that utilize a smaller footprint," Murphy and Hagmeyer share. Lowenheim adds that you can downsize after assessing what your space will allow. "For example, consider getting a smaller bed (full instead of queen, or queen instead of king) if the one you already have takes up too much room," she notes.

Make a point to clean regularly.

"As much as possible, try to stick to the 'one in one out' rule when introducing new items into the space," Murphy and Hagmeyer say of keeping your small bedroom organized. "And remember that periodic touch-ups will always be necessary but should only take a few minutes if you have a system already set up." This regular cleaning can keep your room mess-free. Lowenheim suggests taking a few minutes at the end of the day to put any items away that you initially took out. If you are in need of extra assistance, you can even turn to consultants—like those at NAPO, Lowenheim adds—to ensure you know how to organize a small bedroom efficiently for your specific space and for the long term.

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Martha Stewart Member
January 26, 2021
Great tips! I am working on this for three years, since we downsized as semi empty nesters and we traded in a huge master for a moderate one. I have been working on closet organization of late, customizing two shelves I added in, when before I had things stacked in the lower corner of a slanting roof closet, so it is easier to access cubes and boxes. I am continuing to edit the closet. The rule of out with the old in with the new really applies to clothing items in a small space. If something is worn out or stained I am tossing, or if it might be usable to someone I donate it. My queen bed is crammed underneath with storage boxes and bags, including gift wrap and off season bedding. I put my jewelry on a wall hanging rack after I edited down, and cover with a tea towel to keep dust off. I have a wall hanging lamp at the bedside to give more space on my little nightstand. I have shuffled placement of furniture, mirrors, hampers, etc. to make the most of placement and feng shui. It not only feels and looks better when neat and organized, it is calming and easier to use.