Though may favor one specific season over the others, it may not be conducive to capturing the types of photos you're hoping for.
fall engagement photo

One of the many things to think about after getting engaged is when and where you will have your engagement photos taken. They're a great opportunity to get comfortable in front of the camera and get to know your wedding photographer, but they're also a good chance to test out hair and makeup in photos and see how your beauty look stands up to the weather. What's more, you may want to use the captured snapshots for everything from your save-the-dates to your wedding website. All this is to say that when you take your engagement photos is important. While you may love one specific season, it might not be the best choice based on your needs.


Spring photos are always beautiful, but the weather can be unpredictable and swing between balmy and beautiful and cold and dreary quite frequently. While you may find rain, you could also find snowflakes in your photos. If you want to play it safe and beat the weather conundrum, consider having your photos taken indoors during the spring. Humidity is usually a factor during this season, so if you're hoping to see how your hairstyle might hold for a future spring wedding, photos during this time of the year could be a good choice.


Summer is one of the busiest times of the year for photographers because it's wedding season. If you're hoping for a peak season session, make sure your photographer has availability in his or her calendar to schedule engagement photos with you—you may need to be flexible and make a weekday session work. Summer is always hot, too, so make sure the clothing you choose is appropriate for the weather. On the plus side, summer is associated with long days and lots of great light, meaning your session can easily take place in the evening.


Fall photos are beautiful with the changing leaves and crispness in the air. If you want photos done outside, just make sure you layer your clothes so that you have different options if the weather shifts. Generally speaking, fall is a great time for photos because the light is just right (golden hour isn't too early or too late) and the weather is pleasant.


Expect cold weather, and be sure to dress appropriately! While snowy photos are gorgeous, if there's too much snow coming down on the day of your session you may need to reschedule—it could be difficult for you to get tons of photos simply due to the temperature. If your heart is set on all outdoor photos, this might not be the season for you. Frigid temps and less-than-ideal weather might push your session indoors.


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