Can the Groom's Father Be His Best Man?

Absolutely—here's what your groom needs to know.

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It's a heartwarming gesture that speaks volumes about his relationship with his father—of all the family and friends in his life, the groom has asked Dad to be his best man. It's believed to be a custom popularized in the south and adopted by grooms in other parts of the country. Since the father of the groom doesn't have much to do before or at the wedding, naming him best man is a way of giving him an important role on such a meaningful day. Here are a few things to know.

Reconsider the Bachelor Party

When the groom's father is the best man and plans the bachelor party, this all-male get-together will take on a different, more reserved tone. Instead of the typical bar crawl or wild weekend in Vegas, it will most likely be a calmer, more dignified affair. And that may be fine with the guys since not everyone aims for a The Hangover-type good time. The groom should tell his dad what he'd like, such as dinner and drinks at the local steakhouse, a golf outing, or going to a sporting event together.

His Toast Will Be Different, Yet Very Special

At most weddings where the groom and his main attendant are in the same age range, the best man's toast is usually a comedic review of the groom's single days—embarrassing for him, hilarious for everyone else. The dad may also go for the guffaws but instead of reminiscing about that time everyone got stoned and nearly arrested that spring break in Miami, Dad might entertain the crowd with stories of the groom growing up—embarrassing but in a loving way.

You're Guaranteed a Strong Support System

As best man, Dad's the guy who takes care of wedding details so the groom doesn't have to—making sure the other male bridal party members ordered their wedding-day clothes and know important logistics (rehearsal dinner details, limousine pickup time, bachelor party info). For the best man/father, it'll be a no-brainer: He's had the groom's back since the day he was born so it's fitting to do so now, too.

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