Enjoy them during Dry January and beyond—once you have a sip, you'll see these drinks are too good not to enjoy all year round.
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Seedlip Non-Alcoholic Drink
Credit: Courtesy of Seedlip

If you're virtual happy-houred out, expecting, looking for a way to wind down, trying to cut down on sugar, sober-curious, or just trying to wake up refreshed, there are so many exciting (and really delicious) new non-alcoholic spirits on the market to enjoy and gift to friends and family. Making a mocktail certainly no longer means a Shirley Temple or something with sugar-y syrup and a silly straw. Making some of these options part of your home bar is a great way to make any dinner or small gathering feel special. Rebekah Peppler, author of Aperitif: Cocktail Hour the French Way ($18.99, barnesnoble.com), recommends having a bottle of Seedlip or Ghia at your home bar for adding easy, complex flavor to your non-alcoholic pours. Suddenly there are lots of options on the market, and all of them are so much more exciting than fizzy water or fruit juice. Some are non-alcoholic versions of gin or tequila, others are new, delicious spirits, and some come with adaptogens or THC.

Here, we share our picks for non-alcoholic spirits you'll want to drink long after Dry January is over.


The new book from Julia Bainbridge, Good Drinks ($20.99, barnesnoble.com), features non-alcoholic beverage recipes from restaurants all over the country. Seedlip is the only non-alcoholic spirit Bainbridge lists in her pantry must-haves because it is the most widely available in the U.S., it was one of the first products of it's kind on the market, and it's really versatile in recipes. Seedlip is distilled in copper barrels and made through a bespoke distillation process pioneered by founder Ben Branson. It is available in three botanical-driven varieties: Garden 108, an English pea, hay, and herbal flavor profile based off of a recipe from the 1651 book The Art of Distillation; Spice 94, a blend of spices, barks, and citrus peels; and Grove 42 a bright citrus-y blend with a hint of ginger, lemongrass, and Japanese Sansho peppercorn. The flavors are mild when mixed into a cocktail or topped with club soda, but give a simple drink the certain je ne sais quoi of a fancy cocktail.

Buy Now: Seedlip Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirits, $34.99, amazon.com.

Ghia Non Alcoholic Drink
Credit: Courtesy of Ghia


Ghia's creator Melanie Masarin was inspired by the aperitifs her grandmother used to serve during summer's spent by the Mediterranean Sea—and that is certainly evoked by Ghia's sleek totem bottle design and pale blue label with wispy script plucked from a 1970s resort sign. Anyone who loves to entertain—or simply make a meal feel special these days—will love having this bottle in their home bar. Masarin wanted to create a beverage that inspired gathering, the feelings that come along with great food, and the lingering-long-after-dinner-is-over kind of fun and conversations without the alcohol. This spirit-free aperitif contains lemon balm, a calming and mood-enhancing herb, as well as gentian root, elderflower, orange peel, ginger, riesling grapes, fig, rosemary, and yuzu—all combined without any added sugars. It feels elegant and special without any additional effort for the host. It can be enjoyed on the rocks, with a bit of sparkling water, or mixed into any of the many cocktails from the recipe booklet included with the bottle.

Buy Now: Ghia Non-Alcoholic Aperitif, $33 drinkghia.com.

Lyre's drink tray
Credit: Courtesy of Lyre's


With 13 varieties of non-alcoholic spirits to choose from, ranging from whisky alternatives to gin alternatives, these "impossibly crafted non-alcoholic spirits" from Lyre's come incredibly close to the real thing, right down to the mouthfeel so bring on the non-alcoholic martinis! Their Italian Orange aperitif tastes so much like Campari it was hard to believe, it really packed the same flavorful punch. Paired with their other bestsellers, Dry London and Apertif Rosso, one could have a zero-proof Negroni so incredibly close to the real thing that it would be hard to tell the difference.

Buy Now: Lyre's Non-Alcoholic Spirits, $35.99, amazon.com.

Monday Zero Alcohol Gin
Credit: Courtesy of Drink Monday Co

Monday Zero Alcohol Gin

Open a bottle of Monday and you are hit by a strong whiff of its botanicals—there is absolutely no mistaking that it is gin. Creator Chris Boyd was aiming to make a gin alternative that didn't just get lost in the mix, and he has certainly done that. Monday has a flavor sharp enough to stand out in tonic water and a bitter, citrusy note that lingers after drinking. It also has a beautifully labelled art-deco inspired bottle that will make a handsome addition to any home bar.

Buy Now: Monday Zero Alcohol Gin, $39.99, amazon.com.

Ritual Zero Proof
Credit: Courtesy of Ritual Zero Proof

Ritual Zero-Proof

Ritual's tequila alternative is made for margaritas, and to most people, it would be hard to differentiate from the real thing. It is smoky, spicy, a little fruity, and has everything there is to love about tequila going for it, minus the hangover. The brand's gin alternative is less convincing but has a pleasant cucumber flavor that makes for a mellow mocktail with club soda or tonic water. Ritual also makes a whisky alternative that has a slightly sweet, oaky and very vanilla forward flavor but like some of the other liquor alternatives, it doesn't really pack a punch and those flavors get lost quickly when mixed.

Buy Now: Ritual Zero-Proof Spirits, $26.99, amazon.com.

gnista non alcoholic spirit drink tray
Credit: Courtesy of Gnista


Available in the U.S. in January 2021, Gnista (the name means "spark" in Swedish) makes two complex non-alcoholic spirits using a combination of time-honored spirit-making techniques, modern gastronomy, and state-of-the-art technology. Barreled Oak is smokey with hints of chocolate and rye and even that warm-on-the-inside feeling of barrel-aged liquors. Floral Wormwood is bitter, herbal, and intense—wormwood, lovage, star anise, and rhubarb make this blend feel unique and really like something special. Both have flavors so pleasant and bold they are very enjoyable just sipped on the rocks.

Buy Now: Gnista will be available from thezeroproof.com.

Aplos Drink Cocktail
Credit: Courtesy of Aplós


Launching at the end of 2020, Aplós is the first non-alcoholic spirit that is infused with organic broad-spectrum hemp. Each serving contains 20mg of hemp extract for a calming, uplifting effect without the psychoactive THC compounds. Aplós is flavored with citrus, rosemary, and cardamom and can be enjoyed on the rocks, in a spritz, or mixed in a cocktail.

Buy Now: Aplós Non-Alcoholic Spirit, $48, aplos.world.

Kin Euphorics Bottle
Credit: Courtesy of Kin Euphorics

Kin Euphorics

High Rhode, a bright flavored "euphoric" is an uplifting blend of B vitamins, adaptogens (Rhodiola rosea to balance cortisol), nootropics (GABA, 5-HTP, caffeine and tyrosine to support a good mood), and hibiscus, gentian root and citrus. It also comes as a Kin Spritz, premixed with club soda and extra ginger in an eight-ounce can, a sophisticated answer to Red Bull meant to elevate social situations. If you're trying to wind down they also offer Dream Light; with reishi mushrooms, melatonin, and tryptophan spiced with clove, ginger and cinnamon, making this perfect for pleasant nighttime ritual. Kin Euphorics are unique in that they are intended to alter your mood. While it's uncertain if they will help you find your bliss, if nothing else they will wake you up a little bit, or help you wind down.

Buy Now: Kin Euphorics High Rhode or Dream Light, $39; Kin Spritz, $27, amazon.com.

Curious Elixirs Drinks
Credit: Courtesy of Curious Elixirs

Curious Elixirs

If mixing drinks isn't your thing, Curious Elixirs offers pre-bottled small batch booze-free craft beverages made with organic ingredients that are great to have on hand. Each bottle makes one to two drinks. While they contain fruit juices, making them quite sweet, they have no added sugars, and offer more complex "adult" flavors, are more satisfying than just a soda—and altogether more sophisticated. Curious No. 1 is a non-alcoholic spin on classic stirred cocktail, like a Negroni, and has that sweet, bitter, and herbaceous kick of an Italian aperitif. Curious No. 2 is like a tropical dark and stormy, with both a kick of heat and sweetness from pineapple and citrus juice. Curious No. 3 is a bitter, herbal, and refreshing take on a cucumber Collins that contains ashwaganda. Curious No. 4 is a wonderfully bitter and complex spin on an Aperol spritz with blood orange and holy basil to help unwind.

Buy Now: Curious Elixirs, $35 for four bottles, curiouselixirs.com


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