The couple marked the sweet moment over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

By Nashia Baker
December 01, 2020
jonathan bennett and jaymes vaughan posing with engagement rings after marriage proposal
Credit: Andrew Herner

After three years of dating, Jonathan Bennett and Jaymes Vaughan have announced that they are engaged! According to People, Vaughan popped the question over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and even wrote him a song for the marriage proposal. The engagement did come as a surprise in the moment for Bennett, but he knows that Vaughan is his true partner in life. "I love how I can be unapologetically myself and I love that he loves me unconditionally for it," he told the outlet.

It just so happens that Vaughan had been planning the proposal for quite some time. He thought back to earlier in their relationship when they said they always wanted their own song, but could never find the perfect one. When Bennett was away filming for work, Vaughan enlisted a close friend to make it happen. "I took a melody that up until now had only be accompanied by chopsticks on my voice notes, and got together with my friend Tanzer, who happens to be a really talented producer and my favorite person to write songs with, and said 'Let's make this magical for Jonathan,'" the TV host recalled.

The full circle moment unfolded at home when Bennett thought he, Vaughan, and their families were getting ready to take pictures for a Christmas card. "My sister shouted for me to come outside 'real quick' and my F.O.M.O. kicked in so I ran outside," the actor shared. "Then I looked over and saw Jaymes holding a sign that said 'We never did find our song, so I wrote it for you.'" Bennett knew then that the proposal was going to happen since the sign was reminiscent of the one Vaughan made for him when he first told the actor that he loved him. Then Bennett joked that he "began to ugly-cry the ugliest cry anyone has ever cried."

After immediately saying, "Yes, of course" to the proposal, the pair put on their custom engagement rings—which are platinum bands with a satin finish. The accessories also feature diamonds on one side that creates an infinity band. "The intent is for them to wear one side out during their engagement and flip it once they're married," Quenna Sanchez, a representative for Kay Jewelers, shared. While Bennett and Vaughan are still ironing out the details for their wedding, the actor simply shared that he "can't wait to get married!"


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