The products from Rume are eco-friendly, too.
rume hand soap and lotion duo
Credit: Courtesy of The Home Edit

Back in October, the Netflix-famous organization company The Home Edit launched its own personal-care brand, Rume, with unscented hand soap, lotion, and sanitizer spray. Now they're streamlining how those bottles look on your sink—with an eco-friendly twist. A new, sustainably sourced wooden tray ($12, holds the soap and lotion, and really "makes them feel worthy of an on-counter item," says cofounder Clea Shearer.

Shearer and her business partner Joanna Teplin are known for corralling everything in our closets and pantries—from sweaters to snack-size bags of potato chips to, yes, crayons and markers—in see-through bins. (Not to mention by color, in a rainbow array.) Naturally, they wanted a fits-just-right solution for their own bottles. "It was no question that we needed something to contain the soap and lotion on the counter so that it feels intentional and cute at the same time," says Teplin. "We need soap in 2020 more than ever, so let's make it pretty and work."

rume tray
Credit: Courtesy of The Home Edit

But they're moving toward making those containers greener. The tray is part of a sustainable collection of organizing products Shearer and Teplin will be launching soon. Like the upcoming pieces, it's made of consciously sourced Japanese Paulownia wood, which happens to be naturally shiny and germ resistant, with a whitewashed look. "It's gorgeous," says Shearer.

The whole concept of containment is actually about smarter shopping and less waste, explains Shearer. "When you contain something, you set a reasonable standard for how much space you want that item to take up. You can actually see when you need to refill something—you can see when you're running low, and it actually leads to less excess, we find. When items are strewn everywhere, taking up an entire shelf instead of taking up a specific amount of space in a bin or tray or whatever it is, I think people are more prone to collecting way more than they should."

rume bacterial wipes
Credit: Courtesy of The Home Edit

Speaking of refills, they plan to offer hand soap refills in fully recyclable cardboard containers early in January 2021.

You can also purchase the hand soap, lotion, and tray as a set for $40. Also new: antibacterial hand wipes, which cost $5 for a 30-wipe pack, or $15 for three packs.


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