5 Ways to Hang a Wreath on Your Home's Exterior Windows

Screw hooks, ribbon, fishing line, and command hooks all work when you want to deck the halls in a damage-free way.

Few things evoke the holiday spirit like a festive wreath on an outside window. "It's like an invitation to come in and enjoy the warmth inside," says Hannah Stevenson of Lily & Thistle. "Wreaths add beautiful color and texture to your décor and really make a unique statement."

However, with hard-to-reach casements and outdoor elements like wind, rain, and snow to worry about, securely hanging a wreath on an exterior window takes a little planning. "There are some types of windows that make it a little trickier to hang wreaths, especially on upper levels," says Kierste Wade of Old Salt Farm. "If you're not able to access the front of your window from the inside, you may have to get a tall ladder to reach them." She also recommends adding any additional décor accents you'd like to use, such as bows or LED lights, to the wreath prior to hanging. "This way, you'll have less to worry about when you're securing the wreath to the window," she says.

If you plan to hang wreaths on the exterior windows of your home this year, use materials that ensure the holiday décor is secure all season long.

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With Screw Hooks

For a foolproof way to hang wreaths on an exterior window, Stevenson says to grab a couple of simple screw hooks. "Screw hooks are a great tool and can be screwed in above each of the windows," she says. Stevenson also recommends picking hooks with a finish that complement your home's exterior palette. "We just leave our hooks in because they match the trim, which makes it very easy to hang wreaths year after year," she says.

  1. Screw the hooks into the siding right above your window.
  2. Slide open the bottom sash of your window.
  3. Take off the screen.
  4. Reach up to hang your wreath.

With Ribbon

For a more festive outdoor look, Wade says to consider hanging a wreath on an exterior window with a ribbon. "I've found this method to be the easiest to do," she says. Just be sure to remind family members that windows should not be opened from the top throughout the holiday season or the wreath will fall out.

  1. Loop a long piece of ribbon through the top of your wreath—you can hot glue it into place if you feel you need more security.
  2. Tilt open or slide down upper half of your window open from the inside (removing the screen if necessary).
  3. Place your wreath on the front of the window, and tie a knot in the ribbon at the top of the window for added security.
  4. Once you've positioned your wreath where you want it to hang, Wade says to close the window so it holds the top of the ribbon.

With Both Ribbon and a Screw Hook

If you love the idea of hanging a wreath from a ribbon on your exterior window but are worried about it withstanding the outdoor elements, Stevenson suggests adding a hook to secure your display. For ribbon, she prefers the velveteen plastic ribbon that comes in big rolls.

  1. Twist a screw hook into the siding right above your window.
  2. Decide how far down you'd like your wreath to sit on your window and cut a piece of ribbon so that it's long enough to loop through your wreath and hang where you want it.
  3. Tie a knot at the top of the ribbon and then hang your wreath from the screw hook.

With Fishing Line

A little fishing line goes a long way when securing a wreath to an outdoor window. "Fishline is great because you really can't see it, and it's very helpful to keep your wreath from scraping your windows on windy days," Stevenson says.

  1. Twist a screw hook into the top and bottom siding of your window.
  2. Hang your wreath from the top hook.
  3. Tie fishing line from the bottom of the wreath to the lower hook, ensuring it's tight to keep the wreath in place.

With Adhesive Hooks

Similar to the adhesive hooks frequently used to hang items inside the home, exterior hooks are also available. This one from Command ($5; homedepot.com) is designed especially for windows and can tolerate extreme temperatures, making it ideal for hanging outdoor decorations.

  1. Slide open the bottom sash of your window.
  2. Take off the screen.
  3. Clean the window with rubbing alcohol where the hook will be adhered.
  4. Remove the liner on the adhesive strip so the sticky side is exposed and place it firmly on the back of the hook.
  5. Take off the second liner and press the hook on the siding right above your window. Hold it firmly in place for 30 seconds until securely attached.
  6. Reach up to hang your wreath on the hook.
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