12 Toppers for Every Style of Christmas Tree

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Christopher Radko Rainbow Stellar Finial on tree
Courtesy of Christoper Radko

Decking the halls usually includes a single day spent meticulously on the Christmas tree. Aside from the ornaments and the garlands, what makes the finishing touch to your tree is the topper.

Choose a topper that complements the style and profile of your tree. A star or winged angel looks good on a conical, full tree. A spire or elongated topper is perfect for a slim, pencil tree. There are all kinds of toppers to choose from: If you're a modernist, opt for a sleek look, cool colors, and a creative vision—we've found toppers shaped as a wired greeting, a bulbous finial, and radiating Sputnik style. Or, if you're traditionalist at heart, you'll find inspiration in the angel, the partridge a la the "Twelve Days of Christmas" or Star of Bethlehem—the eight-pointed star that was said to lead "wise men from the East" to the birthplace of Jesus Christ in the nativity story.

Designers like Christopher Radko, Nambé, and other world-famous artisans today use all manner of materials for a topper of heirloom quality: colorful etched glass, stainless steel alloy, copper with an aged patina, hand-carved wood, hand-woven rattan—choose one that fits into the style of your home. Some toppers—although made to sit atop your tree—can be displayed on the mantel among the stockings or the table as a centerpiece, adding a touch of classic, yet modern style to your décor.

We've rounded up the best toppers for every kind of Christmas tree. Here, browse them all for the crowning touch to yours.

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Rainbow Hues

Christopher Radko Rainbow Stellar Finial
Courtesy of Christoper Radko

For more than 20 years, Christopher Radko has been designing handmade ornaments, gifts, and toppers like this one. Its iconic star shape is made modern when it shines brightly in every color of the rainbow.

Shop Now: Christopher Radko Rainbow Stellar Finial, $150, amazon.com.

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Handcrafted Wood

Mueller Handcrafted German Tree Topper
Rocky Luten / Food52

Presenting this wonder, which hails from Germany: It was hand-carved by an artisan with decades of woodworking experience, right in his own home (which means only a limited number are made every year). Oh, and it just so happens to come from the German town where nutcrackers first originated.

Shop Now: Mueller Handcrafted German Tree Topper, $80, food52.com.

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Merry Greetings

Keats Finial Tree Topper
Courtesy of Anthropologie

This finial topper—with its retro-inspired mid-century form—adds a merry touch to your holiday tree. Its sleek, rounded shape is crafted from glass and takes its red-and-white pattern from Nordic origins.

Shop Now: Keats Finial Tree Topper, $68, anthropologie.com.

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Spelled Out Lettering

The Letter Loft UK Personalized Wire Tree Topper
The Letter Loft UK / Etsy

Wish everyone a "Merry Christmas" from the top of the tree with this modern topper in wire (choosing from copper, silver, gold, white, or black). Personalize yours with the family moniker, a seasonal saying, or something else entirely.

Shop Now: The Letter Loft UK Personalized Wire Tree Topper, starting from $49.66, etsy.com.

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Baskauta Woven Star Tree Topper
Courtesy of Bobbi Lin, Rocky Luten and Mark Weinberg / Food52

As a tree topper, this star is ideal. Not only does it look gorgeous (with an intricately detailed rattan weave) but it's nice and lightweight—so your tree can handle it, even if you've got one on the small, Charlie Brown side.

Shop Now: Baskauta Woven Star Tree Topper $32, food52.com.

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Partridge in a Pear Tree

bird Tree Topper
Courtesy of Terrain

If you recall "Twelve Days of Christmas," the lyrics begin and end with a certain iconic bird. This aged copper tree topper—perfect for a traditionalist—takes the shape of a preening partridge, as inspired by the famous carol.

Shop Now: Terrain Verdigris Partridge Tree Topper, $78, shopterrain.com.

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Venetian Mirror

Ballard Designs Venetian Tree Topper
Courtesy of Ballard Designs

The staggered rays of this topper are crafted of layered tin and hand-finished in a multi-step French tole process for rich three-dimensional texture. The center mirror catches the light, creating a dramatic focal point crowning your tree.

Shop Now: Ballard Designs Venetian Tree Topper $75.65, ballarddesigns.com.

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Heavenly Angel

Wondershop Light Capiz Angel Tree Topper
Courtesy of Target

An angel earns her wings as the topper of any Christmas tree. This modern topper—with 16 white lights—adds even more excitement to your holiday display. It's composed of clear capiz shells framed inside a gold metal trim for pretty ornamental flair.

Shop Now: Wondershop Light Capiz Angel Tree Topper, $35, target.com.

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Shimmering Bouquet

Balsam Hill "Christmas Bouquet" Tree Topper
Courtesy of Balsam Hill

Evoke the beauty of Mother Nature, even in the midst of winter, with one of these custom-designed floral toppers. Composed of champagne-colored magnolia flowers, gilded foliage, and glittered berries, this arrangement complements both classic and contemporary decorating themes.

Shop Now: Balsam Hill "Christmas Bouquet" Tree Topper $59, balsamhill.com.

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Bethlehem Star

Nambé Alloy Deck the Halls Tree Topper
Courtesy of Nambé Alloy

The Star of Bethlehem, colloquially known as the Christmas Star, is an iconic part of the Christmas story. Forged in alloy, this eight-pointed stunner adds a touch of classic, yet modern style to your Nativity scene.

Shop Now: Nambé Alloy Deck the Halls Tree Topper $65, amazon.com.

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Burst Silver Tree Topper
Courtesy of CB2

On Christmas morning, a three-dimensional star can top the tree or decorate the mantel with its sturdy base. Graphic and modern, this silvered topper radiates a starburst of sleek light and energy.

Shop Now: CB2 Burst Silver Tree Topper, $16.95, cb2.com.

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Charitable Companion

A "Christmas Miracle" Cat Artisan Tree Topper
Courtesy of iHeartCats

This Kitty cat's embroidered whiskers, golden wings, and tinseled halo is charming enough but it also has a do-good mission: In partnership with Rescue Bank, every purchase of this topper provides 30 meals to shelter cats.

Shop Now: iHeartCats A "Christmas Miracle" Cat Artisan Tree Topper, $29.99, iheartcats.com.

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