The Best Ways to Store Your Family's Face Masks

Keep these necessities sorted and close by, which is the best way to guarantee you never leave home without one.

Masks have become important everyday staples—a fact that isn't changing anytime soon. Because of this, you have have likely accumulated several cloth coverings since the onset of the pandemic; whether or not you have them sorted and organized is a different story. Before you tidy up your collection, know that the best mask storage system is a visible one: They need to be easily accessible so you remember to pick one up when you leave your house. But simply piling masks onto a console table here or a cart there isn't necessarily the answer—keeping these essentials tidy doesn't have to create an eyesore. To help you wrangle your family's (growing) mask collection, we spoke with two expert organizers for their best storage tips.

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Look to Your Entryway

Entryways can be one of the biggest clutter traps, but they are also one of the most intuitive locations for mask storage, explains Jane Stoller, the founder of Organized Jane. "The first place your family enters should be the place where you mask storage happens," she explains. "This area should be decluttered daily and only include the essential accessories such as jackets, backpacks, and now, masks."

Try Boxes and Hooks

If you have the room, Stoller suggests adding small, labeled, see-through bins or boxes for each family member; they can place their designated masks within them. Of course, space might be an issue—if that's the case, consider "designated hooks for each family member," she adds. "They can even be the [adhesive] ones that can be repositioned if needed and don't require any install."

Stock Up on Extras

Stoller suggests storing an extra mask everywhere you might need one—in your car, in the purse you use regularly, and in your kids' backpacks and school lockers. "Also, keep extras in a central location near your home's entryway," she says, in addition to that regular stash (they will come in handy on laundry day). To ensure these masks—especially the ones in your purse in car—stay sanitary, place them in miniature pouches for safekeeping; they tuck easily into small spaces and will remain germ-free until you need them. Consider labeling them (for example, include your child's name and "school mask") to prevent touching clean masks before they are needed.

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