Keeping everyone informed—however you choose to do it—is essential.
bride with four bridesmaids wearing pale neutral toned dresses

The average bridal party consists of at least a handful of bridesmaids—some with far more—which means it's the maid of honor's job to keep everyone connected and on track. Whether you're gathering ideas for the bridal shower or bachelorette party, collecting payments for wedding-day hair and makeup, or confirming that everyone had their dresses tailored, clear communication methods are key. Our top tip? Choose one form of communication and stick with it: If you've previously communicated via text message, other bridesmaids may not keep an eye out for an email from you, and your messages may go unread.


Ask the bride to supply you with a list of everyone's current e-mail addresses, then let the rest of the bridal party know that you'll be sending information straight to their inboxes. A group email chain will help keep everything orderly—you'll type one message for everyone, and the other bridesmaids can respond as necessary, either to the group or to you alone. Plus, email tends to be easier for bridal parties with busy schedules—each woman can respond to an email when it's convenient for her.

Text Message

When you're sharing quick information, need a simple answer, or just want to check in, a text message is a good option. You could also set up a group chat with all of the bridesmaids involved. The downside is that the other women will feel as though they need to answer questions immediately—there's not a lot of room for thoughtful consideration when you send information via text message. It's also not ideal for sharing lots of details at once (like a bachelorette party itinerary) unless the group feels like they'll be able to keep the information in order.

Use an App

A good alternative to text messages and email are messaging apps, like Slack or Facebook Messenger, where information can be shared and responded to a little faster, but can also be organized a bit more like emails. Then, the app can be deleted once it's no longer needed.


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