Decorate Your Wall with Our Genius Small-Space Christmas Tree Idea

The trick? Adhesive hooks and lush boughs.

wall Christmas tree idea for small spaces
Photo: Johnny Miller

Small-space dwellers, there's no need to pine for a full-size tree. This 2-D Tannenbaum is lush, aromatic, and so cute that even people with plenty of floor space may take a bough. It's smart for both city apartments and tiny cottages, as well as any area in the home where floor space is at a premium (think the entryway or a guest room).

To make it, outline a triangle with adhesive hooks: a six-foot-high one for the point, and five pairs below that progressively widen for the branches. You'll want to be sure you use the right hook for the job—for instance, the Limo Adhesive Utility Hooks ($8.99 for 12, can hold up to 44 pounds of weight and can be used on a variety of surfaces (wood, glass, brick, and so on). Using floral shears, cut lengths from a garland, and lay them over the hooks. And then, ta-da—a wall-mounted tree. Keep it fresh and fragrant by misting with water, as you would the rest of your holiday greenery.

As a family, you can decorate yours just as you would a traditional tree. We finished the look of ours with a mix of miniature mercury-glass ornaments in silver and gold ($8.50 for 12, and bulb ornaments ($11.99, As the final touch, we placed a "trunk" of nesting gift boxes at the base of the tree. For the gift packages, we paired a papier-mâché round box set ($13, with Studio Carta's Metallic Loose-Weave Cotton Ribbon in Blush and Gold ($64 for 54 yd.,

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