For this project, all you need are a few sewing supplies.
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plaid pillows made of fleece blankets
Credit: Johnny Miller

To give well-loved tartan or checked wool blankets a new fleece on life, turn them into your sofa's comfiest pillows. A quick-sew envelope cover preserves the pattern and puts any decorative fringe front and center. All you need is enough good material to wrap lengthwise around the insert of your choice (plus an extra inch, to allow for the seam), sewing supplies, and a quiet moment with your machine—case beautifully closed.

blanket flat with trim mark illustraton
fabric flat and fabric folded illustration
fold left edge to center illustration
Left: Credit: Brown Bird Design
Center: Credit: Brown Bird Design
Right: Credit: Brown Bird Design

Size It Right

First, measure your pillow insert. Add one inch to the height; double the length and add six inches. Draw dimensions onto the blanket. If your blanket has fringe like Pendleton's Eco-Wise Wool Fringed Throw ($149,, make sure it is on the right-side edge. Cut out the fabric.

Hem the Flaps

Place fabric right-side down. Fold in the left edge by 1/2 inch; press. Fold in another 1/2 inch; press again. Pin and edge-stitch 1/8 inch from inner fold. Repeat this on the right edge (or, if it has fringe, leave it as is). Fold the right edge into center.

Sew and Stuff

Fold the left edge into center, overlapping the right edge by four inches. Pin the top and bottom edges; sew with a 1/2-inch seam allowance. Turn the pillow-case right-side out. Push out the corners; insert your pillow. Repeat this step-by-step for a second one to make a pair ($32.99 for two, And, just like that, your home is redecorated for the colder, winter season.


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