Whatever you do, don't overburden yourself in the hours before the ceremony and reception.

By Aleesha Thomas
December 01, 2020
Credit: Milkos / Getty Images

By the time your wedding day finally arrives, the last thing you want to be is stressed out over all the small details that are still left to be tackled. That's why it's important for the couple of the hour to take the day off—it's your wedding, after all! Leave the work to someone else. Still, if you're the type of woman who just can't relax when there's work to be done, give yourself a few small, simple tasks for the wedding morning (read: anything other than setting up the reception, baking the wedding cake, or arranging all of the flowers yourself). Here, a few of the best ideas.

Pen a Letter to Your Soon-to-Be Spouse

Whether or not you wrote your own vows, writing a special note to your future spouse is a task you might want to take on in the hours leading up to the wedding. One of your bridesmaids can deliver it to the room where the groom is getting ready, making for a sweet wedding-day surprise. Plus, taking this reflective time to think about your partner and share some sweet words may help to calm your nerves. And if you time it just right, your photographer can snap some really beautiful photographs of you in action.

Put Together Tips or Thank-You Cards for Your Vendors

While the actual distribution of tips is better left to a bridesmaid, groomsmen, or one of your parents (you'll be too busy celebrating!), you can certainly spend some time on the morning of the wedding getting everything organized. Separate tips into pre-labeled envelopes so your designated helper knows exactly who gets what, then consider adding personalized thank-you notes letting your big-day pros know how grateful you are for their help.

Review and Finalize Any Last-Minute Changes

Did you change your processional song two days before the wedding? Did you just ask your wedding venue to serve pre-ceremony Champagne as guests arrive? Anything that was recently decided upon or changed should be confirmed with the appropriate vendors ahead of the celebration, so it's worth checking in either in person or via text or phone call ahead of the wedding. Luckily, these are things you can easily do while you're having your hair done.


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