Five Microfiber Hair Towels Worth Buying Right Now

These gentle, time-saving tools will completely change your post-shower hair routine.

Does your hair seem frizzier than normal? Even worse: Perhaps you're experiencing more breakage. Whatever the case may be, the method you use to dry your hair could be to blame. Using traditional terry cloths to roughly towel dry hair is deleterious to your strands and can lead to both frizz and breakage. Enter microfiber towels. Made from ultra-soft, non-snag fabric, they speed up drying time sans damage. Ahead, some of the best microfiber hair towels on the market today—so you can try out these routine-changing tools for yourself.

woman hair towel
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grey microfiber hair towel
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Not only will this top-rated product keep your hair smooth and frizz-free, but it's also designed to speed up drying by 50 percent. Plus, it has a sturdy little loop and button connector so that it will actually stay atop your head sans unraveling while you go about the rest of your routine.

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animal print microfiber hair towel
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If you enjoy chic prints and upbeat color, turn to Kitsch when shopping for a microfiber hair towel. While luxuriously soft, these towels are similar in texture to the Aquis option, making them less plush or likely to pill with continued use.

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extra-large microfiber hair towel
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This extra-large hair towel was designed for those with voluminous, curly hair—and it's intended for overnight use, which makes it perfect for nighttime showerers (say goodbye to damp pillowcases).

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grey microfiber hair towel
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Turbie Twist

Microfiber hair towels might seem like a luxurious addition to your hair care routine, but they don't have to be expensive. This style from Turbie Twist is applauded for its effectiveness and affordability.

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microfiber hair towel
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Coco & Eve

Best-selling Australian hair mask brand Coco & Eve launched this iteration, which works in tandem with their product range. But you don't need to stock up on their shampoos, conditioners, and masks to reap the benefits of this towel. With five-star reviews across the board, it's safe to say these button-closure cloths—which are available in two prints—are worth considering for your post-shower routine.

Shop Now: Coco & Eve Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap, $24.90,

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