Your role will require you to do more than simply show up on the big day in a pretty dress.
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Your best friend just asked you to be her bridesmaid, and undeniably excited about having the chance to stand by her side on the big day (and in the months leading up to it). But what, exactly, should you plan to do over the course of the new few months? As anyone who's ever been a bridesmaid can tell you, saying "yes" to taking on this important job doesn't just mean you'll get to show up in a fancy dress and smile for pictures. There's a long list of to-dos you'll be responsible for ahead of (and on) the wedding day.

Be Ready to Pay the Price

There's a lot of glitz and glam associated with being a bridesmaid, but it comes at a price. You'll likely be excepted to pay for your dress, accessories, and hair and makeup services. Some brides will try to offset some of these costs if it's in their budget—be extra grateful if they can!

Plan to Help Organize and Attend the Parties

If the bride's family is throwing an engagement party, it's excepted that her bridesmaids will all attend. The same goes for other pre-nuptial events, such as the bridal shower and the bachelorette party. And though the bride's mother or maid of honor will likely host the shower, you'll likely be tasked with some sort of duty for the day, be it organizing a game, keeping track of the gifts, or buying the favors.. As for the bachelorette party, the maid of honor may ask everyone to pitch in on decorations or to cover the cost of a nice meal for the bride.

Know That You Should Still Buy a Gift

Even though you're spending money to be part of the celebration, it's customary for the bridesmaids to give a gift for the bridal shower and wedding. Talk to the other bridesmaids before you purchase anything—some groups like to join forces and surprise her with an extra-special group present, which is often too expensive for one person to purchase on their own.

Finding Your Wedding-Day Attire

Not only will you be expected to pay for your dress, but the bride will also likely want your help choosing it. Plan to join her for at least one shopping trip so that you and the other bridesmaids can try on a variety of styles to choose the right look.

Lending a Hand on Wedding-Related Tasks

It's important that you at least offer to lend a hand (or moral support) on projects related to the wedding. Whether it's helping the bride stuff invitations or joining her on a trip to the florist, having backup will mean the world to her. And if she doesn't take you up on the offer immediately, at least she knows you're there to help if she needs it.

Be There for Her on the Wedding Day

The wedding day is your moment to shine. Sure, you'll be physically with her on the wedding day, but it's important to be her support system, too. Ask her what she needs help with or if there's anything you can do to make the day move more smoothly.


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