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Raduga Grez Wooden Tea Set
Credit: David Chow

If you're a parent, you already know that shopping for your kids isn't always an easy task, especially during the holidays. Selecting a meaningful, exciting gift that doesn't revolve around a screen? Tougher yet. To help you on your merry way, we went ahead and culled several options that are sure to suit your little ones—whether they truly are little or not so much anymore. From the sweetest wooden tea set for your toddler to cute wallets for tweens and a new desk upgrade for your college student (or work-from-home Zoomer), the following presents will brighten up their holiday. And we all know they could use a bit of holiday cheer right now.

Wooden Tea Set

One pour from this sweet, imagination-sparking wooden tea set, above, and petite hosts will be off to wonderland.

Shop Now: Raduga Grez Wooden Tea Set, $65 for 12 pieces,

Cardkits Locomotive & Fish Figure Kit
Credit: Courtesy of Gretel Home

Model Train Car

Inspire future engineers with this detailed model that takes about 35 minutes to assemble.

Shop Now: Cardkits Locomotive & Fish Figure Kit, $27,

Poketo Dome Wallets
Credit: David Chow

Dome Wallet

These vegan-leather wallets are adorably mini but have hidden depths: A tween can store her spending money in the full-size bill section and six card slots.

Shop Now: Poketo Dome Wallets, $38 each,

"50 Things to Do in the Wild" by Richard Skrein
Credit: Courtesy of Princeton Architectural Press

50 Things to Do in the Wild

Teens will gladly trade screens for the engrossing IRL skills—constructing a fishing rod, whittling a twig—in 50 Things to Do in the Wild, by Richard Skrein.

Shop Now: 50 Things to Do in the Wild, $18,

Fairechild Waterproof Cape
Credit: Courtesy of Fairechild

Waterproof Cape

This high-fashion waterproof cape keeps kiddos cozy and dry while they're singing (and dancing) in the rain.

Shop Now: Fairechild Waterproof Cape, $138,

Armor-Lux Wool Slippers
Credit: Courtesy of Armor-Lux

Striped Slippers

Tootsies are sure to stay warm all winter in striped wool slippers, replete with soft wool linings and flexible soles.

Shop Now: Armor-Lux Wool Slippers, $85,

Kiko+ & gg* Beechwood Oekaki House Magic Drawing Board
Credit: Courtesy of Kiko+ & gg*

Magic Drawing Board

This beechwood drawing board comes with a magnetic pen, stamps, and a little dog or cat eraser to wipe the slate clean.

Shop Now: Kiko+ & gg* Beechwood Oekaki House Magic Drawing Board, $69,

Martha Stewart Two-Compartment Faux-Leather File Organizer
Credit: Courtesy of Staples

File Organizer

Whether your recipient is homeschooling or working from home (or both), Martha's faux-leather file organizer will earn her an A+ for productivity and pizzazz.

Shop Now: Martha Stewart Two-Compartment Faux-Leather File Organizer, $30,

Styling by Phyllis Evans Baker.

Martha Stewart Living, December 2020


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