Our Favorite Christmas Lights to Buy Right Now

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'Tis the season for spreading holiday cheer, and few décor items enhance this festive time of year more than sparkling string lights. "Christmas lights are a versatile way to get festive during the holiday season," says Ashley Moore, the founder and principal designer at Moore House Interiors. "The decorating possibilities are endless with both indoor and outdoor lights—you can go all out, keep it simple, use colorful or classic white lights, keep them on the tree, or use them throughout your home. Not to mention, they're the perfect budget-friendly option."

Along with brightening up your Christmas tree, stairway rails, and fireplace mantel, string lights can bring some holiday spirit to your home's exterior, too. "Consider using them around your front porch, along your front doorway, or wrapped in a wreath on an exterior window to create a dazzling winter scene outside your home," Moore advises. "They're a festive way to greet guests while providing ambient outdoor lighting."

Of course, with all the twinkling Christmas tree lights available on the market, picking the style best suited for your holiday décor scheme can be tricky—but there is one place to start, says Moore. "Many string lights can be used both indoors and outdoors, but if you're only planning to decorate the exterior of your home, take the time to look for durable, outdoor-specific options," she notes. "However, when it comes to selecting the right color or style of lights for your home, the sky is the limit—feel free to choose whichever ones speak to you and your unique aesthetic." Looking for some stylish Christmas lights to dress up the interior and exterior of your home this season? Read on for several of our favorite options.

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Metal Ornaments

myCozyLite LED Globe String Lights
Courtesy of Amazon

These battery-powered string lights resemble metal Christmas tree ornaments and cast a warm glow in any area of your home.

Shop Now: myCozyLite LED Globe String Lights, $13.99, amazon.com.

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Colorful Globes

Wintergreen Lighting Steady 25 Light String Light
Courtesy of Wayfair

Nothing brightens up a porch or patio for the holidays like colorful globe lights. Each of the colored bulbs on this strand is nearly two inches in diameter, so they'll energize an outdoor space while providing an ambient glow.

Shop Now: Wintergreen Lighting Steady 25 Light String Light, $37.99, wayfair.com.

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Classic and Clear

Room Essentials Christmas String Lights in Dark Green
Courtesy of Target

A tried-and-true Christmas staple for a reason, clear string lights on green wire blend seamlessly with trees, garlands, and wreaths. "We prefer to keep things classic when it comes to lights," Moore says. "These clear lights can be used both inside and outdoors."

Shop Now: Room Essentials Christmas String Lights in Dark Green, $5, target.com.

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NOMA Premium Mini LED Christmas Lights
Courtesy of Amazon

In the market for quality Christmas lights with colorful bulbs? This dazzling mini LED string comes in a pretty palette of blue, violet, and green and is safe for both indoor and outdoor use.

Shop Now: NOMA Premium Mini LED Christmas Lights, $19.99, amazon.com.

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Brass Accents

West Elm Simple String Lights
Courtesy of West Elm

For string lights with a bit more oomph, consider sphere-shaped iterations with metal accents. Each of the frosted globe bulbs on this sleek garland features a brass-finished base, so you can brighten up your interior or exterior with a dash of seasonal metallic drama.

Shop Now: West Elm Simple String Lights, in Brass, $49, westelm.com.

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Urban Outfitters Pompom LED String Lights
Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Love the idea of multicolored Christmas lights, but aren't a fan of tinted bulbs? This spirited LED string features a row of festive pompoms that create a seasonal, boho-friendly look.

Shop Now: Urban Outfitters Pompom LED String Lights, $16, urbanoutfitters.com.

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Fairy Lights

Wondershop Christmas Battery Operated LED String Fairy Lights in Warm White Silver Wire
Courtesy of Target

If you're looking to make a festive statement in a smaller space, Moore recommends decorating with a string of battery-powered fairy lights. "The automatic timer makes them energy-efficient and easy to use," she explains.

Shop Now: Wondershop Christmas Battery Operated LED String Fairy Lights in Warm White Silver Wire, $6, target.com.

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Edison Style

Brightech Glow Heavy Duty String Lights
Courtesy of Brightech

For sophisticated lights that are tough enough to withstand the cold-weather elements, look no further than this heavy-duty option. Encased in commercial-grade WeatherTite cables, these Edison-style bulbs are durable enough to use outside, and boast brass finished sockets to boot.

Shop Now: Brightech Glow Heavy Duty String Lights, $49.99, brightech.com.

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Balsam Hill Cluster Large Fairy Light String
Courtesy of Balsam Hill

This simple but impactful string light set will dress up a mantel, windowsill, or doorway for the holidays. The large, clustered fairy lights come with a wireless remote control, so you can switch from eight different functions, including 'slow fade' and 'in waves,' with ease.

Shop Now: Balsam Hill Cluster Large Fairy Light String, in 20' long, $79, balsalmhill.com.

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Birch Lane "Williamsburg" 20' Outdoor 10-Bulb Novelty String Light
Courtesy of Birch Lane

For a showy outdoor display, look for lights with snowball-style bulbs. This string features 10 ornament-inspired orbs that can be programmed in steady or flashing mode, depending on your mood.

Shop Now: Birch Lane "Williamsburg" 20' Outdoor 10-Bulb Novelty String Light, $34, birchlane.com.

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