This not-so-secret ingredient makes all the difference.

It's widely known that the simple addition of avocado is an easy way to upgrade just about everything, including plain toast and otherwise lackluster salads, but today we're here to talk about another, more stealthy use for this versatile fruit: your smoothies. Avocados are the secret ingredient for creamy smoothies that actually taste like the fruits and vegetables you're using. The balance between creamy texture and clean flavors is actually a tough one to strike—just think about the usual suspects that add heft to a smoothie: bananas and peanut butter. Both ingredients are great in their own right, but there's no denying that they are total smoothie scene-stealers, refusing to blend into the background.

With avocado in your smoothie, you get a creamy texture with a clean taste that won’t overpower the subtle, refreshing flavor of something like this Blueberry Mint Smoothie, for instance. If you have picky eaters to feed, the aforementioned blueberry smoothie will expertly hide the hint of green that avocados will usually give to whatever they are blended into. On the other hand, if you want to lean in with the "green machine" theme, try this shamelessly nutritious Avocado-Spinach Smoothie recipe instead.

If you are a more casual enjoyer of avocados and only have them around for the occasional guacamole, you can still enjoy an impromptu smoothie moment if you remember to plan just a little ahead. Simply scoop any unused avocado into a resealable plastic bag and pop it in the freezer. Being made of mostly fat, the avocado will keep fine in the freezer for a few months and will still be able to blend seamlessly into the future smoothie of your choice. 

Avocados can also give real gravitas to your smoothie's nutrition label. High in protein, monounsaturated fat, and an excellent source of fiber, you'll be guaranteed a snack that won't leave you hungry an hour later. And let's talk about what they don't have: cholesterol, sodium, and trans fats. Bottom line: Avocados are a no-brainer for a brain-boosting, energy-giving smoothie upgrade. 


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