From creating the Step Up pledge to organizing the upcoming Ally to Advocate Summit and so much more, Maney has dedicated her career to making the wedding sphere a more inclusive place.

By Sarah Schreiber
November 12, 2020

Jordan A. Maney, the wedding planner behind All The Days, just celebrated her fifth business anniversary in September. She decided to launch her event company—which is based in San Antonio, Texas—because there was a "lack of vendors who marketed to queer couples openly and with pride," she tells us. "I've tried to advocate for better representation since I started, for them and all kinds of couples and love stories. The diversity of that is really beautiful to me and my hope is that when other people see that, they'll know love is available to them, as well."

She's since expanded this effort. In the wake of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd's deaths, she created the Step Up pledge and petition, calling on larger wedding media platforms "to better advocate for Black vendors and couples—particularly Black queer ones." Maney has helmed anti-racism intensives and workshops, and even created a community for business progressives to learn more about her mission; weekly, she hosts a Black business owner to talk through the changes happening within the industry and their plans for the future.

All to say, the founder of All The Days does it all—and she isn't stopping anytime soon. Next up? The Ally to Advocate Summit, which is, she says, a very different type of conference. "It was always going to be for progressive business owners, but I didn't just want us to repeat social justice concepts," she explains. "I wanted to marry them (no pun intended!) to practical business development like branding, operations, and community building. It also had to be in integrity with my values of diversity and inclusion. For that reason, over 80-percent of the speakers are people of color."

The "jam-packed" two-day virtual summit, which kicks off on Monday, November 16, offers three main takeaways, says Maney. "It boils down to three things: Practical knowledge of how to make your business more inclusive, connections to the people who have real influence to change it, like media platforms and policymakers, and a sense of community to recognize that you're not alone," she continues. "There are many more people like you across the globe who want to build a kinder, equitable world." Tickets are on sale right now; you can purchase them through the weekend. And if you can't make the summit's entirety? "That's what replays are for!" says Maney. "If nothing else, this is an opportunity to be a part of something we haven't seen before and desperately need. Join us!"

The summit was born out of conversations she had with big brands and small business owners, alike, earlier this year, when she felt this need acutely. "I felt there was a real need for us to better communicate with one another, grow, connect, and hold each other accountable in our changes towards inclusivity," she explains. "I was nervous to ask everyone involved, but I'm incredibly grateful so many said yes!" Speakers and panelists run the industry gamut, from planners and officiants to makeup artists and financial and marketing experts.

What drives her to launch pledges and summits and host one Instagram Live after another, Maney says, is her true belief in change. "No industry has more power to change than this one. We create moments for people to let their guards down, be themselves, and radiate love," she says. "I hope people keep that in mind as we shift towards an industry that's as kind as it is detailed and as inclusive as it is imaginative."


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