From switching out specific textiles to table settings and more, interior designers share their advice.

The holiday season has arrived, which means it's time to revamp your home décor. "Switching up décor for different seasons is important because it updates your space to reflect the mood of the season," says interior designer Isabel Ladd. "It's mentally and emotionally pleasant to feel cozy and warm in colder seasons, and feel easy, breezy in warmer seasons." Fortunately, there is an assortment of simple ways to upgrade your home decorations for the changing seasons that won't cost you an arm and a leg. "As fall and winter creep in, I love switching up the bright, bold fresh florals I buy weekly at the farmers market to a more seasonal hue," says Emily Spanos of Emily June Designs. "Think evergreen sprigs and magnolia branches." And while that's a great idea, it's far from your only option.

holiday decorations on mantel
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Change up throw pillows.

Still snuggling up against lightweight linen throw pillows on your sofa? Ashley Moore of Moore House Interiors suggests trading them in for something more seasonal. "Swap spring and summer throw pillows out for ones made of denser materials, such as wool and cashmere, and deeper tones, like dark red, hunter green, or navy," she says. "Not only are throw pillows budget-friendly pieces, but they make for quick and simple swaps, whether seasonally or for the holidays." You can also buy inserts that work all year long and simply swap out the covers as the seasons change.

Upgrade throw blankets.

According to Anna Kroesser of Kroesser + Strat Design, different seasons call for distinct types of throw blankets. "A big faux fur throw is certainly cozy, but we don't always want that out when it's summertime because it's heavy and therefore not as functional," she explains. "Using a lightweight cotton throw during the warmer months and swapping that with a chunky faux fur one will instantly make you want to curl up on your sofa and hunker down."

Switch out table settings.

For a sleek and timely dinner table setup, Breegan Jane recommends switching up your table settings to reflect the current season. "Dress your table with linens and placemats in warmer hues like rust, mustard yellow, and deep brown," she advises. "Pull out any seasonal dish sets you have and consider a fall or winter friendly centerpiece, like a bouquet of eucalyptus or dried berry sprays, for the table."

Integrate more ambient lighting.

As the days get shorter and the sun sets earlier, Eliza McNabb of Hyphen & Co. suggests adding more ambient lighting to your home. "From decorative string lights in a garland to candles (real or LED), layering in soft lighting at different levels in your home can help make an interior space feel cozy and bright during the cold-weather months," she explains.

Warm up a room with organic elements.

Looking for a chic way to make a room more fall- and winter-friendly? John McClain recommends incorporating some organic decorations into your space. "We often limit our seasonal décor swap-outs to textiles, like pillows and throws, but adding an organic element, such as wood sculptures or wooden wall art pieces, warms up a room perfectly for those crisp evenings," he says.

Add vases to your shelves.

Becky Shea says swapping out stacked books or picture frames for vases is a great way to upgrade your space as the seasons change. "This is a very easy way to transform an everyday vignette into a festive little nook," she says. "I tend to gravitate towards moodier vases in black and brown tones since they highlight greens and resemble the tones of tree bark. Play around with size, shape, and height here, as well. There's nothing better than doing a cluster of three vases all in different height ranges."

Revamp your entryway.

Make no mistake about it: McNabb says changing out décor is just as much about function as it is aesthetics. "As the seasons change, think about your entryway 'landing zone' and what changes might make coming and going a bit easier," she advises. "If you're moving from summer into fall or winter, you might opt to bring out a bin for stashing hats and gloves. If you'll be wearing coats and jackets, maybe a coat rack or a few hanging hooks are in order. Also, a tray for snowy or rainy boots can help keep your floors clean, while a plastic or metal bin to corral umbrellas is always a smart idea."


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