The Best Christmas Tree Stands on the Market Right Now

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Aside from the ornaments and the topper, never underestimate the importance of a quality Christmas tree stand when decorating your home for the holiday season. "A good tree stand will secure your tree in place and keep it straight," says Tim O'Connor, executive director of the National Christmas Tree Association. "It can also keep your tree from drying out—so it will look healthier and last longer."

So, what elements are essential to a superior tree stand? For starters, O'Connor says it should be able to hold enough water to ensure your tree stays fresh throughout the holiday season. "It is critical that the water in the stand never drops below the bottom of the trunk," he warns. "Just as you would never let a vase of fresh cut flowers run dry, the tree will need new water each day until its uptake slows down." Before you visit your local tree farm, be sure to measure the room in which you will display your tree; the stand's size should be based on the height and trunk diameter of your tree. The taller your tree, the bigger the diameter of the trunk. And if you typically get a tall tree, you'll need a deep stand or one with a tall gripping mechanism. The higher up the stand grips, the more stable the tree will be.

In the market for a reliable Christmas tree stand that you can reuse year after year? From swiveling styles to budget-friendly picks and more, read ahead for seven of our favorites.

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Cast-Iron Tree Stand

L.L. Bean Heirloom Cast Iron Christmas Tree Stand
Courtesy of L.L. Bean

Made out of cast-iron, this handcrafted Christmas tree stand features ball-type milling and hammering techniques. It has a baked-on urethane finish, too, that prevents rusting and chipping. That means it's not just beautiful—it'll also last you for years to come.

Shop Now: L.L. Bean Heirloom Cast Iron Christmas Tree Stand, $109,

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Tabletop Tree Stand

Tree Nest Christmas Tree Stand Base
Courtesy of Amazon

One large Christmas tree doesn't have to be the only tree in your living space. Consider a miniature tree that you can place on your tabletops. This one fits three-, four, or five-foot trees within the plastic material, and it ensures no leaks. Plus, the stand has a contemporary and modern design that will serve as another piece of décor for the holiday season.

Shop Now: Tree Nest Christmas Tree Stand Base, $24.99,

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Quality Metal Tree Stand

Cottage Creek Farms Metal Christmas Tree Stand
Courtesy of Walmart

We don't know what we love more about this stand: the unique design or the sturdy metal make metal. Whether real or fake, this lovely stand will hold up to a six-foot tree.

Shop Now: Cottage Creek Farms Metal Christmas Tree Stand, $39.99,

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Mobile Tree Stand

Tree Nest Christmas Movable Tree Stand
Courtesy of Amazon

Once the holidays come around you can replace the plants in this mobile stand with your artificial Christmas tree. It can even retract to adjust to your desired width while holding up to an eight-foot tree.

Shop Now: Tree Nest Christmas Movable Tree Stand, $44.99,

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Wooden Tree Stand

Vickerman Brown and Black Artificial Christmas Tree Stand
Courtesy of Target

This wooden stand is robust, keeping up to a nine-and-a-half-foot tree in place. We also like that it has a lock feature that ensures your tree won't tumble and that it can be folded down to store after the holiday season.

Shop Now: Vickerman Brown and Black Artificial Christmas Tree Stand, $110.99,

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Colorful Tree Stand

Tree Nest Christmas Tree Stand Base
Courtesy of Amazon

Go for a festive green-and-red stand, like this one. It features a plastic base and steel legs to keep up to seven-foot trees upright. If you're planning to use this stand for a real tree, fill the base with nearly one gallon of water to keep it fresh. The high-quality legs prevent leakage on your carpets and floors.

Shop Now: Tree Nest Christmas Tree Stand Base, $34.99,

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Supreme Tree Stand

green christmas tree stand
Courtesy of Krinner

Consider this the Rolls Royce of Christmas tree stands. Unlike traditional screw bolt-style stands, this Bavarian-made wonder relies on a patented foot pedal system that tightens a rope (and five claws) around the trunk—so it will stand up straight no matter how misshapen the trunk may be. "It only takes a couple of easy pumps on the pedal and your tree is ready to decorate," says Karsten Eibach of Krinner. Even better, this extra-large tree stand holds up to two-and-a-half gallons of water at a time, and comes with an automatic water level indicator that lets you know when you need to add more water.

Shop Now: Krinner Tree Genie XXL, $119.99,

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Budget-Friendly Tree Stand

plastic christmas tree stand
Courtesy of Good Tidings

For a quality Christmas tree stand that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, look no further than this one by Good Tidings. Along with a reservoir with built-in spill guard, this stand features a raised bolt post and cut-away sides to save bottom branches, as well as rust-proof spikes that keep your tree from shifting or twisting.

Shop Now: Good Tidings Cinco Poly Tree Stand C148E, $41.94,

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Small Tree Stand

red christmas tree stand
Courtesy of Tree Nest

If shorter, smaller Christmas trees are more your speed, then consider the Cosmopolitan Live Tree Stand by Tree Nest. This Scandi-style stand boasts midcentury-inspired tripod legs and a bolted metal base that holds over a liter of water, so you can secure a tree up to five-feet tall without sacrificing too much floor space (or style).

Shop Now: Tree Nest Cosmopolitan Live Tree Stand, $48.99,

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Artificial Tree Friendly

christmas tree stand
Courtesy of Home Heritage Store

Why use a one-dimensional artificial Christmas tree stand when you can use this rotating one instead? This electric tree stand supports artificial trees up to seven-and-a-half feet tall and simply plugs into any power outlet to create a 360-degree Christmas display. It also comes with three different tree pole adapters, to ensure you get the perfect fit around your artificial tree trunk.

Shop Now: Home Heritage Electric Metal Rotating Christmas Tree Stand, $69.98,

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Swiveling Stand

green metal christmas tree stand
Courtesy of St. Nick's Choice

If you thought there was no such thing as a heavy-duty swiveling Christmas tree stand, then you'd be mistaken. This impressive stand supports trees up to 10-feet tall (or up to 4.75 inches in trunk diameter), and features a retractable pedal that allows for 360-degree rotation. Even better, the reservoir can hold up to three-and-a-half quarts of water at once, and is constructed of impact-grade polymer plastic that won't crack or rust over time.

Shop Now: St Nick's Choice Plastic Swivel Straight Tree Stand, $49.98,

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Space-Savvy Stand

folding christmas tree stand
Courtesy of Terrain

Small space dwellers, rejoice! We found the Christmas tree stand for you: Composed of powder coated steel, this super strong tree stand can support trees up to 12-feet tall and seven inches in trunk diameter, and simply folds up and away for easy off-season storage.

Shop Now: Terrain Folding Leg Tree Stand in small, $68,

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Ultra-Stylish Stand

gold metal christmas tree stand
Courtesy of Burke Décor

The only thing better than a reliable Christmas tree stand is one that you won't mind showing off in plain sight. This cleaned-lined minimalist tree foot by Ferm Living is designed to support trees of various sizes, and comes in three powdery metal finishes including brass, matte black, and gray.

Shop Now: Ferm Living Christmas Tree Foot, $115,

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