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Although you may wonder if a gift registry is appropriate for a second wedding, experts agree that it's perfectly acceptable to have one if this is something you and partner agree on together as a couple. "A wedding is a wedding, no matter how many times you've previously been married," says BillieJo Kunkler, an event planner with Michelle Leo Events. "Your wedding day is all about you, and if you want to register, then go right ahead and do it."

However, if you aren't sure how to approach this issue, we spoke to a handful of wedding planners and asked them to share their thoughts on registering for your second wedding. Below are some helpful tips to totally keep in mind.

Registering Is Definitely Important for a Second Wedding

"Registering ensures that people gift you items that you actually will use," explains expert wedding planner Shannon Leahy. Curating a list of items you want or need is arguably more important for a second wedding, she says, since you already have already many items for your household.

Register for Items You'll Use Every Day

"You will have guests that will want to buy you a wedding gift regardless if they gave you a gift for your first wedding, so it's better to get something you actually want and need," says Mackenzie Coburn, a wedding planner with Michelle Leo Events. And even though you and your fiancé may be pretty set on the kitchen equipment front, she recommends considering new china or glassware as gift options.

Consider a Honeymoon Fund

A honeymoon fund is another great alternative to material items, as Coburn explains that most guests would be happy to contribute to your first vacation together as a married couple.

Consider Asking for a Charitable Donation in Lieu of Gifts

"One of our couples celebrating a second marriage sent an enclose card in their invitations that read: 'We have everything we need, but there are always those in need,'" says Michelle Leo Cousins, owner of Michelle Leo Events. "You could say something like: In lieu of bringing a gift to our wedding, please consider making a donation to a local charity of your choice," she suggests.


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