Celebrity party planner Mindy Weiss shares her tips for a Hollywood-inspired soirée.


If there's anyone who knows how to throw a good party, it's Mindy Weiss. The event planner to the stars has seen her fair share of celebrations through the years, from holiday parties to birthday celebrations and everything in between. And while parties may have taken on a new look this year, that's no excuse not to get in celebrating spirit. In preparation for the upcoming award season, Weiss, who reminds us of the importance of getting together, shares her top tips for hosting a virtual award season watch party.

Send celebrity-worthy party boxes.

If you're watching with friends and family from afar consider sending custom party boxes to those joining you. "We've been doing a lot of virtual boxes to send to people who would be having group interaction through Zoom so everybody is together," says Weiss. Some of Weiss' picks include Champagne, custom hand sanitizers, personalized face masks, and chocolate-covered strawberries.

Shop your home for décor.

Your invitation to the actual award ceremony may have gotten lost in the mail but your home can still be just as glamorous as the theater itself. To get started, Weiss recommends searching your own home for décor. "Everybody has had this opportunity to literally figure out what they have at home, the things they've forgotten, things they haven't used forever," she explains. Not sure what to use? For a recent socially-distanced award show viewing party, Weiss dusted off some old china and Hollywood-related coffee table books for the buffet table.

Vote with DIY ballots.

The academy may have already submitted their votes but that doesn't mean you and your guests can't join in on the fun. Before the show, Weiss recommends the host send around a custom ballot so attendees can bet on who they think is taking home the prize and who wore it best. At a recent event she coordinated, "they all watched together and we had a large Amazon gift card prize for the winner who predicted the most winners."  

Create a custom menu.

No party is complete without a menu. According to Weiss there are ways to take it up a notch. For example, she's created custom cocktails named after nominated movies as well as desserts themed for the party host's favorite nominated shows.

Dress up in glitz and glam for the party.

If you needed an excuse to dust the cobwebs off your favorite formal attire and give your loungewear a break, now's your chance. Whether it's a little black dress or an heirloom piece of jewelry, dress red carpet ready and it will get everyone in the spirit of the evening. Of a recent award season event, Weiss says, "We kind of made it dressy because nobody had gotten dressed in a really long time."


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