Make a lasting impression: Let napkins double as place cards, with your loved ones’ names stitched right in. As your family grows with births and marriages, welcome each new member to the table with one of his or her own.

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

embroidered napkin
Step 1

Handwrite name on a small piece of paper. Put transfer paper on a napkin and name paper on top, then trace name with pen.

Step 2

Place napkin in embroidery hoop. Embroider name with stem stitch: Bring needle through to right side of napkin, then insert back through at a slight diagonal, about 1/4 inch to right. Bring needle back up 1/8 inch to left, just above halfway point of first stitch. Continue stitching at slight diagonal, making all visible stitches the same length. Repeat for all napkins. (For more instructions, go to


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