Crocheting Artists You Should Be Following on Instagram

A hook and yarn is all these crafters use to supply ample amounts of inspirations.

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Crocheting is trending in the crafts world right now, and it's no surprise. Both nostalgic and entertaining, this technique provides a crafty yet relaxing way to design your own unique clothing and décor items—especially when you're hunkered down at home. "Crochet has always been a calming tool for me," says crochet artist Alysha Littlejohn of Littlejohn's Yarn. "After a long stressful day, I know that I can always depend on my yarn and hook to make it all better."

Looking for inspiration for your next crochet project? There's a whole new generation of crochet artists and their ideas on Instagram.

Radyance White

Radyance White of Chasing Sunraee says she was first inspired to start crocheting because she had too much free time on her hands. "I felt like I could be doing something more productive with my time," she explains. "I came across a really cute mermaid baby photo prop outfit I wanted to make, and I've been crocheting ever since." The North Carolina-based crochet designer now crafts super hip structured hoodies, tops, and accessories, all of which you'll find on her Instagram. Follow: @chasingsunraee

Anne Weil

Anne Weil seemingly has no limits to her skillset—knitting, weaving, sewing, and so on. As the founder of Flax and Twine, she provides projects that incorporate quality tools and materials with the pattern needed for you to follow along. Some of our favorites include oversized poufs, a small bunny, and, seasonally appropriate—crocheted snowflakes. Follow: @flaxandtwine

Toni Lipsey of TL Yarn Crafts

Toni Lipsey first launched her TL Yarn Crafts in 2013, when she couldn't find the beanie pattern she was looking for. Two years later, she released the Mega Pom Beanie and has since turned crochet designs into a full-time gig. Today, Lipsey spends her days crocheting an array of stylish scarves, blankets, and bucket bags, many of which you can buy patterns of at her online shop. Follow: @tlyarncrafts

Kunbi Ayo-Okanlawon of Handmade by Kunbi

U.K.-based crochet artist Kunbi Ayo-Okanlawon first started knitting and crocheting when she was just eight years old, and decided to pick it up again in her mid-30s. In 2016, she launched Handmade by Kunbi with a mission to create fun designs and patterns that both beginners and seasoned crocheters can enjoy and hasn't looked back since. Her IG is filled with behind-the-scenes snaps of her adorable blankets, sweaters, and beanies, as well as links to her patterns and in some cases, free downloads. Follow: @handmadebykunbi

Alysha Littlejohn

Pennsylvania-based crochet designer Alysha Littlejohn says she was just seven years old when she learned to crochet. "I have memories of sitting at the foot of my grandmother's 'lazy boy' chair teaching me how to hold a hook," she says. "I was the only kid in my whole school who walked around with a yarn bag." Today, she spends her days crocheting everything from 1920s-inspired hats to house slippers. Follow her on IG for snaps of her custom creations, or head over to Littlejohn's Yarn for her tips, tutorials, and free patterns. Follow: @ littlejohnsyarn

Ashlee Elle

If you aren't already following crochet artist Ashlee Elle on Instagram, then now's the time to start. The designer behind the beloved Etsy shop, The Dream Crochet Shoppe, Elle has a knack for creating cool, colorful crocheted pieces, including crop tops with cacti motifs and rainbow-hued rompers. Follow her on IG for your daily dose of crochet design inspiration or check out her YouTube channel for tips about making your own. Follow: @thedreamcrochet

Teresa Carter

Minimalists everywhere will appreciate Teresa Carter's crocheting: She is the founder and creator of DeBrosse, a full-service knitwear brand that has sold over 20,000 crochet and knit patterns to date. She also believes in giving back to a cause, which is how her travels to Haiti inspired her to invest a portion of all proceeds to orphanages in the country. Her signature style is marked by a stark contrast and clean stitch work found in all her patterns including blankets, scarves, and these oh-so charming miniature wreaths. Follow: @debrosse_nyc

Jonah Larson

No matter your age or level of skill, we can all follow the example of Jonah Larson. This 12-year-old prodigy learned how to crochet at the age of five, and has garnered international praise for his philanthropic work through crochet projects, which funded his Jonah's Hands Library in Ethiopia in the rural village where he was born. Follow: @jonahhands


Whoever said crochet couldn't be avant-garde has obviously never heard of Olek. The Brooklyn-based artist first learned to crochet at the age of seven while living in Poland, and has since combined the craft with elements of sculpting to create one-of-a-kind crochet sculptures. Olek's Instagram is packed with bold creations, which range from crocheted bicycles, steam engines, and more famously, the New York Stock Exchange's Charging Bull sculpture that they covered in purple and pink yarn on Wall Street. "To me, Instagram is a public space to create art," Olek says. "It connects to my current situation, world events in an abstract way, and is a conversation I have with my soul." Follow: @oleknyc

Maya Luna Corazon

In 2016, Schmittlotheim, Germany-based artist Maya Luna Corazon started a YouTube channel to help people learn to crochet. Today, she has over 55 thousand subscribers and dozens of free-to-watch tutorials on how to crochet everything from bralettes to crop tops and cardigans. Her online shop is equally user-friendly, and offers an assortment of free patterns and crochet tips. Follow: @mayalunacorazon

Joan Aoko

Based in Nairobi, Kenya, Joan Aoko is a designer and the founder of Byaoko, a custom clothing shop that specializes in crocheted gowns, shorts, bikinis, and everything in between. An avid crochet artist since the age of nine, she turned the hobby into a full-blown business after graduating from college in 2015 and has since earned a major IG following. Follow her personal and business account on Instagram so you can keep your eyes peeled for her soon-to-be-release collection of crocheted bridal wear. Follow: @joan_aoko

Orly Genger

If large-scale crochet installations are more your speed, then follow Orly Genger. The New York-based artist and sculptor is best known for her massive art installations, often outdoors, composed of crocheted coils of rope. Her huge, hand-crocheted sculptures—often stretching more than 30 feet long, have been featured in places like the Indianapolis Museum of Art in Indiana and The Alnoba Art Park in New Hampshire. Follow her on IG for behind-the-scenes peeks of her awe-inspiring installations. Follow: @orlygenger

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