The 10 Smartest Dog House Ideas We've Ever Seen

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gray wood dog house
Courtesy of Sauder

Our pets need their own place, whether it's to eat, sleep, lounge, or simply unwind with the family. And if you own a dog, a dog house provides the perfect solution. Choose the right design and your dog could have everything he or she needs on a daily basis. Building a dog house can be as simple as making a large wooden box with a hole for a front door and some angled boards for a roof, but why not go all out for your canine companion? Dog houses are, after all, miniature houses. You can build and decorate them with the same ingenuity as you would build your own home.

Not looking to build a dog house from scratch? We don't blame you. Luckily, there are so many good options on the market, which means you can give your pet the space he or she needs without putting in hours of hard work.

Treat your pup to a house with a front-facing patio or deck, which means they have more than one room for napping. For dogs with mobility issues, you can also include features that make your dog more comfortable such as a ramp or an elevated feeding station. It could be a great way for your dog to be part of the action—in your backyard or the living room—without feeling over-exerted amid the household activity. And in the cold winter months? If your dog enjoys the snow outdoors, you can build a temperature-controlled dog house with insulation and waterproof treatments. Add a weather-resistant rug or a cushioned bed for ultimate comfort. Your pup's personal domain could have all the comforts of home all year round.

Here, we rounded up exemplary products on the market that showcase the possibilities and the smart solutions to everyday questions in pet ownership.

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Storage Dog House

dog house with storage cubby
Courtesy of Sauder

Finished in light walnut, this house has a hidden feature: Beneath the flip-up ramp is a storage cubby for you to stow away all of their pet supplies like leashes, treats, and brushes.

Shop Now: Sauder Rufus Dog House with Ramp, $199,

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Barn-Style Dog House

barn-style dog house
Courtesy of Trixie's Pet Products

Farmhouse style remains trendy, and now you make your dog's house resemble a miniature barn with a pine wood construction, barn-style siding, and a waterproof finish that'll keep them warm and dry in any weather. This house offers an internal flooring that can be cleaned on a regular basis.

Shop Now: Trixie Pet Products Natura Barn Style Dog House, $144.87,

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Duplex Dog House

dog house with dual partition
Courtesy of Nice People Workshop

Are you a multi-pet household? Build them a house that has two rooms, side-by-side. This duplex house is stylish and provides a comfortable space for both of them at once. Add soft mattresses inside of each room, and place some food and water nearby for easy access while they lounge.

Shop Now: Nice People Workshop Modern Dog House, starting at $350,

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Mid-Century Modern Dog House

mid-century modern dog house
Courtesy of Pijuan Design Workshop

Your dog deserves the best, and this designer lounge is one of the ways that your pup can live in style. Popularized in the 1950s, the butterfly roof of this house has an inverted gable whose V-shape resembles that of two lifted wings. A graphic screen door and signage add to the details.

Shop Now: Pijuan Design Workshop "Butterfly" Dog House, $3,500,

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Cottage Inn Dog House

Dog's Inn house
Courtesy of Trixie's Pet Products

Aside from its exterior charm, this cottage-style house is constructed from weatherproof solid pine with draft- and rain-resistant details. The window shutters are latched for air circulation and the floor is removable for easy cleaning. It may even inspire your next home project—painting with light blue.

Shop Now: Trixie Pet Products Dog's Inn Dog House, $178.99,

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Feeding Dog House

dog house with food bowls
Courtesy of Polar Bear's Pet Shop

If your dog's house is outfitted as a place to sleep, lounge, and play, why not consider it for another daily function? Chow time. The side of this house is built with a tray for holding stainless steel feeding bowls and a storage cubby for Fido's other supplies.

Shop Now: Polar Bear's Pet Shop Dog House with Food Bowls, $350,

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Balcony Dog House

dog house with a balcony
Courtesy of Merry Pet Products

Dog houses can have more than one level. A two-story structure that features a balcony as the top level, and steps allowing your dog to climb up to the top with ease, gives your pup a new height for surveying the land.

Shop Now: Merry Products "Room with a View" Dog House, $86.23,

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Lodge Dog House

Boomer & George lodge dog house
Courtesy of Hayneedle

A sturdy structure that resembles a lodge and has a long deck for napping in the sun is the perfect addition to your backyard. The exterior is constructed of solid fir wood with dark trim accents. Your pup will love the spacious interior, too.

Shop Now: Boomer & George Lodge Dog House with Porch, $199.99,

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Air-Filtered Dog House

Archie & Oscar Holtz dog house
Courtesy of Wayfair

Perfect for small dogs, this house is architecturally built for simplicity. The vertically tall shape of the house with windows on the roof brings in natural light and air. An included cushion is made out of microfiber fabric to keep Fido cool on hot days and warm on cold winter days.

Shop Now: Archie & Oscar Holtz Wood Dog House, $369.99,

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Log Cabin Dog House

dog house with a porch
Courtesy of Blythe Woodworks

This cedar house will accommodate breeds of almost any size. It comes to you for assembly in seven predrilled, easy-to-build panels, with a heavy duty vinyl flap door installed. As is true with all of their houses, air conditioning can be added.

Shop Now: Blythe Woodworks, $623,

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