From our founder's first appearance on Oprah and the legendary Justin Bieber roast to arguably the funniest episode of Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party, these clips showcase everything you've come to know and love about Martha.
Martha Stewart holding a chicken on Jay Leno
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It's easy to assume that Martha Stewart Living TV—a weekly half-hour syndicated show, born out of our founder's eponymous magazine, Martha Stewart Living, which debuted in 1992—was Martha's first foray onto the small screen. For many lifelong fans, this was their introduction to the homemaking guru, who had transformed a catering business into a book and then a monthly lifestyle magazine. So many incredible moments happened during the series' run, but Martha was making waves (and crafts and cakes) on television long before she earned her own show. And she continued to redefine television after she moved away from this Martha Stewart Living TV to focus on other programs, businesses, and ventures down the line.

Take into account the incredible (and, at times, jaw-dropping) television appearances Martha has made since then, and it's easy to see why she's transformed into a multigenerational pop culture icon. From her legendary roast—more like sharp-witted incineration—of teen idol Justin Bieber on Comedy Central to her most recent show, Martha Knows Best (which shows our founder teaching many a celebrity a useful household skill), Martha is at her best with a mic, a message, and an audience. Here, we trace and honor the trajectory of her epic career via some of her most memorable television appearances.

1988: Martha and Oprah Talk Weddings in Baltimore

Entertaining would be the first of Martha's 97 (and counting!) books; Weddings, her fifth, which would later inform the icon's magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings, solidified her role as the big-day expert of the '80s—a role she still holds today. She sat down with Oprah in April of 1988 to talk about the wedding manual, which, at its core, was about planning a contemporary celebration that melded the traditional with the personal. She and Oprah chatted through the book's expansive contents, from crafting the perfect ceremony and determining who pays to hiring a wedding planner and decorating a cake. In the clip here, she walks Oprah through the basics of flower arranging and a myriad of bouquet styles—all of which hold up today.

1997: Martha and Big Martha Make Pierogi

It's no secret that some of Martha's favorite recipes are the ones she inherited from her mother, Martha Kostrya (better known as Big Martha). On the fifth season of Martha Stewart Living, the mother-daughter duo teamed up to make a batch of traditional Polish potato pierogi—sans a written-out recipe. Their secret? A few dollops of sour cream, which keeps the dough tender.

2008: Martha and Snoop Make Mashed Potatoes

Ever wondered how Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg's friendship came to be? It all started over a bowl of mashed potatoes. Though it would be several years later until they grew closer, one of their first public encounters happened in 2008, when our founder invited the rapper to appear on The Martha Stewart Show. She taught him how to whip spuds while he gave her a vocabulary lesson. "What a weird couple we were," Martha said later, recounting the story for NBC's Harry Smith. "Yeah, we were odd," Snoop shot back. "But we fit right in. You know, cooking with Martha just seemed like the right space to be in."

2011: Martha Shows Us How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Martha has taught us many things over the years—from the importance of mise en place to how set a table for just about any occasion—but one of her most recognized lessons is her folded fitted sheet tutorial, which was actually born out of an audience poll on The Martha Stewart Show. With the help of crafting expert Hosanna Houser, she walked everyone in the studio through the ins and outs (and the corners and creases) of expertly folding the trickiest of bed linens—a lesson we still reference to this day.

2011: Martha and Hugh Jackman Make a Banana Cake

During Hugh Jackman's visit on The Martha Show in 2011, he and Martha covered many topics, both baking-related and not (he shared his most embarrassing moment as an actor, which involved Jennifer Garner), as they made a banana cake. While introducing him, Martha got a hold of one of his biceps—and couldn't help but give it a squeeze.

2014: Robin Williams and Martha Teach Us How to Eat a Whole Fish

Together, Martha and Robin Williams turned the often-agonizing practice of eating a whole, bone-in fish at a restaurant into a hysterical, helpful lesson. A highlight? The bit when Robin slipped into French, simulating a fancy dining experience. Martha, however, knew her fair share. When her guest told her to manger (eat!), she replied, "Tout le poisson"—all of the fish!

2013: Martha Tricks Her Producer on April Fool's Day

Martha is the master of April Fools' Day pranks—she pulled quite a few tricks on her show over the years. One of her most memorable? Her 2013 joke, which involved her suddenly dropping to the floor of her studio kitchen while clutching her head. As she emerged from behind the counter, a "bloody" towel in tow, one of her producers rushed the stage to check on her. Martha's quick "April Fools!"—and the producer's expression—made this moment absolutely priceless.

2015: Martha Sends David Letterman Off Into Retirement

"I really loved being on David Letterman—all of those late-night shows," Martha tells us. "It's totally unscripted." Martha made nearly 50 appearances on Letterman's shows during his 33 years on the air. To help him celebrate his much-deserved retirement in 2015, Martha put together a video of their best moments. We're partial to one of the earlier episodes, when she and the late-night host offer the audience "Martha Stewart's Worst Tips for Living"—but the reel is entirely comprised of incredible highlights.

2015: Martha Stewart Roasts Justin Bieber on Comedy Central

We've all seen it. After all, Martha Stewart's awe-inspiring roast of Justin Bieber on Comedy Central was arguably one of the most iconic television moments of the 2010s, and it just might be her most legendary on-screen appearance to date. The jaw-dropping performance—which got several of her stage-mates, including Kevin Hart, Snoop Dogg, and Pete Davidson on their feet for a standing ovation—showed off a facet of Martha's personality that those who know her well have been privy to all along: She has an incredible sense of humor. And she's brave, too. "To do a roast like that takes a lot of guts—but you get millions of people looking at it," Martha tells us. "And that's what's fun."

The roast would go on to drive her friendship (and future business ventures) with Snoop and open her up to a new generation of fans. "She sat next to me, and she stole the show," Snoop told NBC in a future interview. "She was the funniest 'roaster' that night. In that moment, I knew I wanted to be alongside this lady for the rest of my life."

2016: Martha Plays "Never Have I Ever" on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

When Ellen DeGeneres facilitated a game of "Never Have I Ever" for Martha, Snoop, and Anna Kendrick in 2016, we learned a few interesting, not-safe-for-work things about our founder. Let's just say there were plenty of shocked "Marthas!" from her teammates.

2017: Martha Stewart, Snoop Dogg, Post Malone, and Wendy Williams Play "Two Truths and a Lie"

Watching Martha accidentally share two lies and a truth isn't the only gem of this particular episode of Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party with Post Malone and Wendy Williams. She epically teases Post after he shares one of his "fishy facts"—that he wrote his hit song "White Iverson" (which he claimed was his "only good song" at the time) just two days before recording it. "What do you mean, your only good song? What are you sitting here for then?" she shoots back. Snoop's response takes the cake: "Martha, don't do him like that!"

2018: Martha Makes Scrambled Eggs with a Cappuccino Machine

Ahead of judging a breakfast battle on Chopped in 2018, Martha shared a genius scrambled egg method that just about broke the Internet, using the most unlikely of kitchen appliances: a cappuccino machine. Within seconds, she transformed her whisked eggs into a buttery scramble, thanks to the machine's steam rods. Food Network's Twitter post went viral, but we know that Martha has been making her scrambled eggs like this for years—just look at the clip from her television show years earlier!

2019: Martha and Jay Leno Take a Drive

On a recent episode of Jay Leno's Garage, Martha and Jay Leno took a drive in our founder's 1958 Edsel Roundup around Skylands, her historic Maine estate which once belonged to the car's namesake, Edsel Ford. During their cruise, Martha explains how she came to acquire the property—which she bought after a "five-hour cocktail tour" of the Seal Harbor home, built in the 1920s by the architect Duncan Candler. Though Jay throws Martha plenty of questions about the home and car, he also asks about her drive, her upbringing, and how she came to build her career and life. "I'm the most curious person in the family," she answered. "And I think that curiosity drives me to try many things. That's where I get my entrepreneurial vision from. And if you're an entrepreneur, you work hard. You're always trying to build something out of an idea."

2020: Martha and Snoop Co-Host The Ellen Show

Martha and Snoop got into all kinds of antics when they took over The Ellen Show earlier this year to promote Martha & Snoop's Potluck Party Challenge, including an enlightening game of about show dogs. Towards the end of their segment, they opened about their history working together—and rewrote a little history in the process. "Here's one of the first projects we did together," explained Martha, before the screen cut to Snoop's "Drop It Like It's Hot" music video. The only change? A hysterical Martha cameo. It's a must-watch.

2020: Martha Helps Antoni Porowski with His Indoor Vegetable Garden

On Martha's newest television show, Martha Knows Best, which premiered during the COVID-19 pandemic, our founder gives her fans a glimpse into her daily life at Bedford, her 150-acre farm in New York. Along the way, she connects virtually with several celebrity friends and teaches them a thing or two about making a beautiful life at home. In arguably one of the funniest episodes, Martha gets a call from Queer Eye food and wine expert and chef Antoni Porowski, who starts off by apologizing for not tagging her when he posted photos of her pets on Instagram during her Christmas party. Martha hilariously chastised him for this—and then chastised him again for not sending him a thank-you note. All was forgiven, and Martha and her gardener, Ryan McAllister, walked Antoni through planting an herb garden. But it's safe to say that Antoni has learned his lesson. "Always send a thank-you card, otherwise she just might shame you on national television," Antoni noted in an interview with "And by might, I mean she most definitely will shame you."


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