It's perfect for storing Thanksgiving leftovers.
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One of the biggest challenges of hosting Thanksgiving dinner or a holiday dinner party—even if it's a small, socially distanced gathering with your closest loved ones—is finding space in the refrigerator to store meal prep and leftovers. Luckily, we have the perfect solution: This OXO Good Grips 30-Piece Smart Seal Glass and Plastic Container Set ($79.99, is the genius food storage set you need for the holiday season, and it's currently 20 percent off. Of course, these food storage containers aren't just useful during the holiday season. From weekend meal prep to transporting your lunch to work or school, this container set is versatile and practical—and it doesn't hurt that they look good, too!

OXO Smart Seal Glass Containers
Credit: Courtesy of OXO

The entire collection of OXO Good Grips 30-Piece Smart Seal Glass and Plastic Container Set is BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, freezer-safe, and microwave safe, which means storage, clean-up, and even reheating leftovers will be a breeze. The 30-piece set includes four glass round containers (each with a capacity of seven-cups, four-cups, two-cups, and one-cups); four glass rectangular containers (eight-cups, three-and-a-half-cups, 1.6-cups, and four ounces); seven smart seal plastic containers ranging in size from 9.6 cups to 5.7 ounces; and matching lids for each container.

The round- and rectangular-shaped containers made of glass are perfect for storing hot foods like mashed potatoes, roasted Brussels sprouts, and other staple sides for your holiday meal. You can even prepare these recipes in advance, transfer them to the containers, and then reheat in the same container just before your meal. The plastic containers are great for storing cold food such as chilled cranberry sauce or the makings of a salad. If you're traveling to a loved one's home for the holidays, the lightweight plastic containers make it easy to transport food, too.

Once the lids are sealed tight to the containers, they easily stack on top of each other, which means you can maintain an organized refrigerator or freezer throughout the entire holiday season. Plus, the clear exterior means you tell exactly what is in each container.


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