These services send fruits and vegetables right from the farm.

By Bridget Shirvell
October 29, 2020

Thanksgiving is coming and it's going to be different this year. Whether you're planning on spending it watching movies in your PJs, dressed fancy from the waist up for a Zoom meal with family, or at a small, socially distanced gathering in your backyard, you're going to need food. Now's the time to plan where you're getting the apples and pumpkins for those pies, the leafy greens for the salad, and all the other fixings.

Hand holding just picked root vegetables
Credit: Andrew Montgomery

Despite the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, farmers are continuing to feed their communities. Check-in with local farmers and connect in person at the farmers' market. Find out what they're expecting to have for Thanksgiving, what you can pre-order, and how you can pick it up or have it delivered. Here's how to have the rest of your Thanksgiving fruits and vegetables shipped straight to your door.


Not sure where the closest farm to you is or what they have available? Check out Harvie. This online platform connects households around the country with local farmers. Search by your region on their site and you'll find a list of local farms, what they have available, if they deliver or if you need to pick up from a specific location, and if they're accepting new customers. Harvie works as an online CSA where you can sign up for a share of vegetables and fruits and purchase add-ons that farms may have available such as milk and yogurt. During the off-season, many farms also offer à la carte purchasing from the online farm stand.

Imperfect Foods

Shipping to the Northeast, West Coast, Midwest, and Western South Central region, Imperfect Foods delivers ugly fruits and vegetables and grocery items like snacks, milk, and even seafood. You can't get all of your holiday meal ingredients from Imperfect Foods, but you'll get pretty close.

Worthy Flavors

This fruit and vegetable delivery service is one of the only ones we know about that is owned by farmers. Currently, serving 27 states on the East Coast, Worthy Flavors offers weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or onetime purchases of three different sized boxes of fruit and vegetables. They have some of the freshest produce you'll find: Fruits and vegetables are harvested a day before shipping with two-day shipping guaranteed.

Misfits Market

You already love Misfits Market for its ugly fruits and vegetables, but did you know the delivery service has add-ons for Thanksgiving that include staples like sweet potatoes, pecans, and more? Add-ons are in addition to the regular subscription, which comes once a week or every two. Boxes start at $22 with delivery to 32 states, mostly on the East Coast.


If you live in the New York City metro area, you've likely heard of Our Harvest. Part farmers' market, part CSA, part supermarket, OurHarvest offers seasonal selections of thousands of items from farms within the TriState area and pantry items. It's one-stop shopping for everything from your turkey to produce and even spices.

From the Farmer

Similar to OurHarvest, FromtheFarmer connects customers in the Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia areas to local farmers and artisan food producers. You can buy dairy items including cheese for that ultimate cheese board, eggs, milk and butter, bread, and sign up to get various sized boxes of fruits and vegetables delivered weekly, every other week, or once a month. They also have a holiday section where you can order pies, turkey, and even Thanksgiving sides to help you get most of the holiday prep done in advance.


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