"I don't think I could live with me," laughed Kotb, who is more mess-prone than her groom-to-be.

By Nashia Baker
October 21, 2020
Credit: Getty Images

Many couples are learning more and more about each other, for better or worse, as they self-isolate together during the COVID-19 pandemic. As for Hoda Kotb and Joel Schiffman? The couple is well-aware of each other's habits, both good and bad—including the Today Show host's penchant for creating clutter. Hoda revealed to her co-anchor, Jenna Bush Hager, on an episode of their segment, Unscripted, that her fiancé has "infinite patience" with this messy habit.

On the show, the co-hosts tuned into a YouTube video from Dude Dad that shows a couple arguing about laundry, which prompted Hoda to share, "I'm him and Joel's her." Apparently, Hoda is the clutter-prone person in their relationship. "Joel was trying to do some work at our countertop, and there was all kinds of junk—I don't even know what it was," she continued. "I had a stack of books, a bag. He is so much better than me. I don't think I could live with me!"

You could say that this means their relationship is quite balanced, which Hoda actually noted during a previous episode of Unscripted. He's the perfect partner, she says, and even makes their bed every morning. "He does all the right things," she added.

This isn't the first time Hoda has laughed publicly about her and Joel's very different living habits. She previously told a story about how—back in the early days of their relationship—she wanted her cleaning assistant and friend to help out around Joel's apartment. "She knows how Joel is, neat as a pin. So she says to Joel, 'Do you know her? Do you know what she's like?' Because she could not fathom that our two worlds could collide," Hoda joked. But she knows that her husband-to-be always has her back through it all: "Joel has a long fuse, because I'm like a tornado and he's always behind me, fixing."


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