Our founder says her go-to socks "are the best socks one can find anywhere."
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It's no secret that Martha Stewart is an expert in the world of cooking and baking—after all, she did just publish her 97th cookbook titled Martha Stewart's Cake Perfection ($21.68, amazon.com)—but she knows a great deal about a number of other topics, including gardening, cleaning and organizing, and how to lead a more comfortable, beautiful life. And it should come as no surprise that Martha also has superior taste in women's fashion, including socks. Our founder recently shared a photo of her favorite socks on Instagram and in just the course of a few hours, she gained over 3,300 likes and more than 100 comments.

"This is not an ad. This is not an endorsement. This is a testimonial that these are the best socks one can find anywhere!" she wrote in a caption. The brand is Falke, which is a German company that was founded in 1895. In addition to Martha's favorite silk socks, they also make tights and shapewear for women, socks for men and children, and even a line of sports socks designed for walking, running, and hiking.

Martha's personal preference appears to be their line of "sensual silk" socks made from a cotton and silk blend. "So thin. So smooth. Fit into shoes and boots and they don't slip down!!!!! Save your feet," she added.

Sarah Carey, editorial director of food for Martha Stewart Living, also weighed in. "They make my favorite tights too!" she wrote in a comment. Susan Spungen, founding food editor for Martha Stewart Living, said, "Agreed! I have them too!"

One of Martha's followers wrote, "I've traveled around the world looking for the best socks and Falke are truly the best fitting and feeling socks I've ever owned." Another said that Falke's "wool tights are great" and one commenter added "best socks EVER!"

falke sensual silk socks
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Falke Women's Sensual Silk Midcalf Socks

Made from a blend of silk, cotton, and nylon, Martha touts this particular style from Falke as her favorite.

Shop Now: Falke Women's Sensual Silk Midcalf Socks, $26.74-$35, amazon.com.

falke cashmere wool socks
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Falke Cosy Wool Casual Sock

For the chilliest days, slip on these ultra-soft and comfortable socks made from a combination of cashmere and merino wool. Your feet will thank you.

Shop Now: Falke Cashmere and Merino Wool Socks, from $20.95, amazon.com.

falke running socks ru4
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

FALKE Women's Cool Short Running Socks

Designed to prevent blisters and provide extra-cushioning while running mile after mile, these socks are what every athlete needs. They're made with a combination of polyester and polypropylene, which provides a cooling feel.

Shop Now: Falke Women's RU4 Cool Short Running Socks, from $14.57, amazon.com.

falke cool kick sneaker socks
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Falke Cool Kick Sneaker Sock

Made with both men and women in mind, this short-style of sneaker socks features sweat-wicking and cooling properties and is ideal for walking or running.

Shop Now: Falke Cool Kick Sneaker Casual Sock, $18, amazon.com.


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