They're popular and fun, but do they feel elevated enough for this special day? Wedding planners share their take here.

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There's no denying it: Canned wines are downright fun. Not only are they easy to chill and transport, but they also mean you're getting the perfect portion every single time. And with more and more vineyards offering canned versions of their classic wines, there's more variety than ever before and many cans are beautifully designed. All of this is to say that canned wines can certainly have a place at your wedding, especially now, in the age of social distancing, when single-serve beverage options are essential in terms of keeping everyone safe.

Wedding planners agree. When we asked Elyse Shumsky-Alcorn of BW Theory and Julie Savage Parekh of Strawberry Milk Events what they thought about serving canned wines at weddings, the pros shared their enthusiastic approval. These wedding planners are on board with the thoughtfully designed packaging, bright flavor palettes, and playful element that canned wines add to a wedding. Shumsky-Alcorn says, "I'm into them. I can't ignore all the positives—they're easy to transport, economical, and spill proof!" Here, we take a look at some of these planners' tips for serving canned wines at your celebration.

Make sure the wine matches the environment.

Savage Parekh loves the idea of serving canned wines, but urges her couples to make sure they're using them only when the environment suits. "Maybe [they're not right] for a formal black-tie wedding in New York City, but for a wedding in the Hamptons or a tented affair in the mountains or countryside? Absolutely!" But in light of the coronavirus pandemic, canned wines might make more sense than ever more, no matter where the party is taking place. Choose options with elevated packaging for guests to enjoy, or else provide labeled wine glasses they can pour their beverage into.

Toss a couple in your welcome bags.

If you feel like canned wines aren't right for the big event, surprise your guests with them ahead of the party. Savage Parekh loves adding them into welcome bags, which guests can enjoy during downtime in their hotel room.

Canned wines are great for serving during activities.

Planning several events for the wedding weekend? Savage Parekh says canned wines lend themselves really nicely to on-the-go events. "If you're coordinating guest activities for a destination wedding weekend event, canned wines can make a fun thing to pass out on a bus ride to the activity or on a chartered boat cruise," she says.

Consider other wedding events, too.

Savage Parekh says, "Canned wines are also great for welcome parties, rehearsal dinners, or casual post-wedding brunches—particularly of the sparkling variety or rosé—as they cut down on the need for stemware and bartenders."

Use them as an end of the night option.

And if you're not sure about serving them all night long, consider breaking out canned wines just at the end of the night. Shumsky-Alcorn says, "A lot of the time, I suggest switching from glass to disposable cups as the night progresses because it helps avoid broken glass and spillage on the dance floor. Canned wine solves that issue, which is a big plus."


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