Colorful foliage and gourds help to dress up a seasonal cheese board.

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cheese board with fruit and nuts and decorated with leaves
Credit: Kate Sears

Thanksgiving is nearly here, so reason it's time to set out all of your seasonal décor. As you set the table for the big feast, look to nature for inspiration. Here, a few ideas that both evoke natural materials of the fall harvest and lend an elegance to your holiday gathering.

A Foliage-Lined Cheeseboard

Lining a cheese board with colorful fall foliage guarantees it'll look Gouda, but you don't want to Brie guessing whether it's food-safe. To give a spread serious style without any concerns, opt for these Sur La Table parchment-paper replicas ($13 for 20, They look just like the real thing, but they're made from the same matte, nonstick stuff you use for baking. Plus, they're disposable, which makes cleaning up ooey-gooey cheeses—if there's any left—a cinch.

fall colored parchment cheese leaves
acorn decor
Left: Credit: Courtesy of Sur la Table
Right: Credit: Kirsten Francis

Gourd-geous Centerpiece

At midnight on Halloween, your spooky décor turns back into a plain pumpkin (or gourd). Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo it into the next big thing for November: a giant autumnal acorn.

To replicate our gourd-turned acorn, start by cutting a slit to the center of a paper plate. Overlap the sides to make a cap shape; glue sides together to secure. Glue on a Lia Griffith metallic crepe-paper strip ($10,, starting at the wide base and pleating it as you go around. Add more layers until the plate is covered. Snip an oak leaf out of a folded piece of crepe paper, so the stem end is at the fold. You'll have two identical leaves, stems connected. Put the plate atop your pumpkin, and glue the leaves around the stem.

Food styling by Chris Lanier; prop styling by Suzie Myers.


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