Add one of these hues to your walls, and it will feel like autumn all year long.

By Nashia Baker
October 15, 2020

You don't need to be an interior designer to experiment with paint color in your home—you just need to follow along with Fresh Coat. We'll help you tackle all of your home's painting projects, from choosing the ultimate color palette to perfecting your method. You'll be prepped, primed, and ready to roll (literally) in no time.

The right paint color can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your home, but with the countless number of options on the market, finding the right hue can be a challenge. "It's a minefield out there with all of these choices and can be overwhelming—so rather than panic at the glut of options, take a deep breath, relax, and think about colors that you love and subconsciously respond to," Patrick O'Donnell, international brand ambassador for Farrow & Ball, says. Here's a perfect example: If fall is the season you look forward to all year round, you are likely drawn to its signature colorways. Allow them to guide you on your search—especially since so many of the season's hues are neutral enough to work right onto your walls.

floor to ceiling navy blue wall shelving book case with yellow couch

Fall-centric selections are often nostalgic and can help you create a sense of solace in your space—many of them are inspired by the great outdoors. "When most of us think about fall, we think cozy, welcoming, and comfortable. Paint colors inspired by the season embody these traits and can elevate your own comfort zones at home, so you can turn any nook or room into a warm, inviting retreat," says Erika Woelfel, the vice president of color at Behr. "Fall colors are often inspired by harvest vegetables and nature's palette of changing leaves. They can add a lot of depth, personality, and contrast to commonly used hues, like grays, whites, or beiges." Ahead, our experts share more tips to help you nail down the perfect paint colors inspired by the fall season.


Red is one of the most common autumnal colors, and even variations of this classic hue speak to the season. O'Donnell says Farrow & Ball's Deep Reddish Brown "makes the most beautiful dining room shade—especially in a paneled room painted in full gloss." Woelfel adds that earthy reds and browns, like Behr's Maple Glaze and Modern Mocha, embody the hues we see in nature during the fall and work with seasonal home accents. "These are some of my favorite colors that pair well with just about any fall décor like cozy blankets, festive throw pillows, your favorite scented candles, and pumpkins and gourds," she says.


If you are searching for a fall-themed paint color to brighten up your workspace, a shade of yellow could do wonders. O'Donnell explains that Farrow & Ball's "India Yellow lends a lovely ochre note to the fall palette—as do warming browns, which are perfect for a home office."


More neutral hues, like muddier white colors (think Farrow & Ball's Old White and Shaded White) can bring that autumnal vibe right into your kitchen when added to cabinetry.


Looking for a less obvious shade that still speaks to the season? There are a number of paint colors that can help you step outside of the box. "We love 'dirty' greens, such as Farrow & Ball's Card Room Green and Green Smoke," says O'Donnell. "Neither have the verdant quality of spring greens but lend a lux sophistication to any interior. They speak of long winter evenings of shared conviviality with friends in front of roaring log fires."


Another unique option is purple, such as Behr's Euphoric Magenta. Woelfel says that a rich and expressive color like this one is best for anyone who seeks a nontraditional shade—as it is "creative, energetic, and still pairs beautifully with more muted, earthy tones that are expected for fall."


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