21 Holiday Gifts That Home Bakers Will Love

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nordic ware anniversary bundt pan
Photo: Courtesy of Nordic Ware

For those whose passion is baking, we've got delicious gift ideas from practical presents to inspiring books. You'll also find exquisite flavorings, fragrant spices, and cute sprinkles—in short, everything the ultimate baker would love to receive as a present.

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mauviel copper beater bowl with loop handle
Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Home bakers typically spend the holiday season turning out cookies, breads, and other sweets to share with their friends and family. Why not treat them to something special to make that process even easier this year?

To help take the guesswork out of your next shopping tip, we've pulled together an array of goodies to thrill any baker. What's more, you'll find that the gifts come in at a range of prices, so whether you're looking for a stocking stuffer or a wow-worthy main present, there's an idea here for you. You'll find a mix of everything here, too. There are practical items, like cooling racks and scales, but even if your recipient already owns these items or similar ones, we promise they'll be happy to receive these new and improved versions. Take the rolling pin, for instance: Our pick features adjustable measuring rings to ensure the thickness is uniform throughout. We also found a digital scale that features a built-in timer, which can come in handy when multiple trays of cookies are in the oven and need different timers. There's also a crock specifically designed for a sourdough starter, with a just-right height and shape to give the starter room to grow as well as a loose-fitting lid that allows gases to escape.

For ingredients, we've sourced a fun and intriguing mix of items, such as top quality baking spices, inspiring (yes, really!) sprinkles, and a set of flavorings that includes an all-purpose pure vanilla extract, rose water, and orange blossom water, which can add delicate perfume to jams, drinks, and pastries.

There's plenty more, including a modern baking bible for fruit desserts from none other than Martha, in the slides ahead.

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Martha's Fruit Desserts Book

martha stewart autographed copy martha stewarts fruit desserts book

Martha's latest book is a gorgeous guide to baking with fruit. In addition to the more than 100 recipes, the tome also features loads of tips and tricks.

Shop Now: Martha Stewart's Fruit Desserts: 100+ Delicious Ways to Savor the Best of Every Season: A Baking Book, $21.28, amazon.com.

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Enamelware Lidded Mixing Bowls Set

Enamelware Lidded Mixing Bowls Set
Courtesy of Amazon

This set of three lidded bowls will come in handy for a baker who preps ingredients ahead; they're also useful for mixing. The fact that the porcelain enamel coating over carbon steel (with stainless steel trim) looks so good is simply an added bonus. The set is available in six different swirl colorways, as well as in plain colors, which means you can find a style to suit everyone's kitchen.

Shop Now: Golden Rabbit Enamelware Mixing Bowls, from $69.95 for three, amazon.com.

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Bundt Pan

nordic ware anniversary bundt pan
Courtesy of Nordic Ware

Every baker should have at least one Bundt pan, and why not make it a golden classic like this anniversary version of Nordic Ware's beloved and iconic original design? Another bonus: The handles make lifting the pan to unmold the cake a breeze.

Shop Now: Nordic Ware Anniversary Bundt Pan, $37.99, amazon.com.

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Flour Sifter

Martha Stewart Collection Deluxe Flour Sifter
Courtesy of Macy's

Sifting dry ingredients is a not-to-be-skipped step that avoids lumps and helps get a light crumb. It's also essential for sifting powdered sugar when making frosting or for dusting it over bakes. This vintage-style sifter from Martha's line for Macys does the job perfectly.

Sho[ Now: Martha Stewart Collection Deluxe Flour Sifter, $30, macys.com.

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Cake Stand

mosser glass cake stand in robin's egg blue
Courtesy of Food52/Bobbi Lin

Every cake needs a pedestal, and these iconic glass cake stands are just what a baker needs to show off a frosted creation or a stack of cookies. They come in three sizes, from six inch-diameter to 12 inches, and in six different colors, including classic milk white and new shades like robins egg blue and purple.

Shop Now: Mosser Glass Cake Stand, from $44, food52.com.

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Spice Set for Bakers

diaspora co the baker set
Courtesy of Diaspora

From one of our favorite spice companies comes this brand-new set of the freshest cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, mace, and ginger. They're sure to make cakes, cookies, and other baked goods zing.

Shop Now: Diaspora Spices for Bakers Set, $70, diasporaco.com.

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Microplane Grater

microplane soft handle zester grater
Courtesy of Sur La Table

Handy for zesting citrus for a favorite lemon cake or grating ginger for spice cakes, the microplane is a must-have tool for any baker. If you ask us, it's the perfect stocking stuffer.

Buy Now: Microplane Soft-Handle Zester Grater, $15.95, surlatable.com.

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Copper Beating Bowl with Looped Handle

mauviel copper beater bowl with loop handle
Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Beautiful and practical, this copper bowl from renowned French maker Mauviel is the best choice for beating egg whites for meringue. Copper reacts naturally (and harmlessly) with the whites, making them more stable when beaten so they almost triple in volume. The bowl's rounded bottom also allows for more vigorous and thorough mixing.

Shop Now: Copper Beating Bowl with Looped Handle, $80, williams-sonoma.com.

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Handheld Mixer

black smeg handmixer
Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Not every baker needs or wants a stand mixer, which is when powerful hand mixers, like this beauty from Smeg, are worth considering. It has nine speeds, a digital display timer, and comes with two wire whisks, two beaters, and two dough hooks. And it's available in six glorious colors.

Shop Now: Smeg Handmixer, $169.95, williams-sonoma.com.

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Life Is What You Bake It Book

vallery lomas life is what you bake it book
Courtesy of Amazon

In this inspiring book, Great American Baking Show winner Vallery Lomas shares recipes any baker will want to make along with family stories. Her chocolate chip cookies, Banoffee pie, and crawfish hand pies are not to be missed.

Shop Now: Life Is What You Bake It, $21.96, amazon.com.

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Bakers Tote

iris bakers tot bag in camel
Courtesy of Iris

The best way to transport a sheet cake or other favorite baked good, this handmade-in-America canvas tote can hold a 9 x 13-inch dish. Its extra wide opening makes loading and unloading delicate bakes easier.

Shop Now: Iris Rectangular Baker Tote, $126, threadandwhisk.com.

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Sourdough Crock and Starter

Handmade Stoneware Sourdough Crock
Courtesy of King Arthur Baking

A sourdough starter deserves a beautiful home, and this American-made stoneware crock fits the bill. Its height and shape give the starter room to grow, and its loose-fitting lid allows gases to escape.

Buy Now: King Arthur Handmade Stoneware Sourdough Crock, $54.95, kingarthurbaking.com; King Arthur Fresh Sourdough Starter, $8.95, kingarthurbaking.com.

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Floral Flavors Bundle

Nielsen-Massey Floral Flavors Bundle
Courtesy of Nielsen Massey

Along with an all-purpose vanilla extract, this set includes rose water and orange blossom water, which can add delicate perfume to jams, drinks, and pastries.

Buy Now: Nielsen-Massey Floral Flavors Bundle, $27.95, amazon.com.

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Scale with Timer

Oxo Precision Scale with Timer
Courtesy of Oxo

Bakers know how important a good scale is, and this one doesn't disappoint. We also like that it has a built-in timer, which can come in handy when multiple trays of cookies are in the oven and need different timers (or if you're making pour-over coffee!).

Buy Now: Oxo Precision Scale with Timer, $49.99, oxo.com.

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Varietal Honey

brightland the couplet honey
Courtesy of Brightland

For when the baker in your life needs to something sweet to spread on homemade biscuits or scones, gift them this set of two raw, unfiltered varietal honeys—delicate floral California Orange Blossom Honey and deep amber-hued Kauai Wildflower Honey from Hawaii.

Shop Now: Brightland the Couplet, $42, brightland.com.

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Silpat Pastry Mat

slipat nonstick silicone perect measurments pastry mat
Courtesy of Amazon

A home baker can roll pie dough to just the size they need with this handy mat marked with sizes. It's made from fiberglass coated with food-grade silicone and is also a sustainable option instead of lining baking sheets with parchment paper.

Shop Now: Silpat Nonstick Silicone Perfect Measurements Pastry Mat, $44.95, williams-sonoma.com.

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Supernatural Rainbow Pop Nonpareil sprinkles

Supernatural Rainbow Pop Nonpareil sprinkles
Courtesy of Amazon

We think these sprinkles are the cutest stocking stuffer ever. The mixture of nonpareils, pearls, and sugar strands is entirely vegan—their colors actually come from vegetables and spices—and they're free of both artificial dyes and soy. They're just what's needed to finish layer cakes or cookies

Shop Now: Supernatural Rainbow Pop Nonpareil Sprinkles, $7.99, supernaturalkitchen.com.

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Batter Bowl

Stonewall Kitchen Batter Bowls
Courtesy of Stonewall Kitchen

These simple, sturdy batter bowls are kitchen workhorses, with a spout for easy pouring and a nonslip base. Choose from berries, pine, or holiday greens designs or go with a bold plain color. Another option, upgrade to the Batter Bowl Gift Set, which adds a cheery red spatula, holiday flavored syrup and jam, plus pancake and waffle mix.

Shop Now: Stonewall Kitchen Batter Bowl, $17.95, www.stonewallkitchen.com.

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Adjustable Rolling Pin

adjustable rolling pin
Courtesy of Ty Mecham/Food52

Never worry about an uneven pie crust with this rolling pin: its adjustable measuring rings ensure the thickness is uniform throughout.

Shop Now: Five Two Adjustable Rolling Pin, $39, food52.com.

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Round Cookie and Biscuit Cutter Set

Round Cookie and Biscuit Cutter Set
Courtesy of Amazon

Here's a cute stocking stuffer for anyone who makes sugar cookies, gingerbread or other cut-out cookies, or biscuits or donuts. The colorful set of graduated rounds are made of stainless steel with a rubber coating.

Buy Now: Round Cookie Biscuit Cutter Set, $11.99 for 12, amazon.com.

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Tiered Cooling Rack

Wilton Perfect Results Non-Stick 3-Tier Cooling Rack
Courtesy of Walmart

Everyone can use more cooling racks, and this set is more functional than most, as you can deploy the racks side by side, or stack them two or three high if counter space is an issue.

Buy Now: Wilton Perfect Results Non-Stick Three-Tier Cooling Rack, $18.83, walmart.com.

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