Our Favorite Gift Ideas for the Wine Lovers in Your Life

hands holding black canvas wine bag with bottle of wine
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From wine cooler bags and decanters to extravagant wine subscriptions, we have plenty of gift ideas sure to delight your favorite oenophiles.

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Martha's Entertaining Half-Case
Courtesy of Martha Stewart Wines

No matter what type of wine lover you're shopping for this holiday season—a true oenophile with a serious cellar, a wine-curious pal, or a family member with a newfound passion for organic wines from small growers—a lovely bottle of vino is always a welcome present. But wait, isn't that what you got them last year? Even if it's a splashy bottle of bubbly, why go for the predictable present when you can knock it out of the park?

Instead of a carefully chosen bottle, you could lavish those wine enthusiasts on your list with a memorable assortment from a far-flung country, a favorite wine region, or a selection curated by Martha herself. A monthly wine delivery or a wine club membership might be just the thing—after all, it's a gift that literally keeps on giving, be it white, red, rosé, sparkling, or an exciting mix. Another good option is to expand their minds and palates with enlightening gift-worthy books about out-of-the-box wine pairings and natural wine.

Wine accessories big and small also make perfect gifts, from corkscrews that open a bottle in two simple steps and wine glasses sure to wow white wine drinkers and those specially for red wine partisans. There's also a delicious cheese collection curated specifically for red wine drinkers that is sure to hit the gift jackpot.

But that's just a hint of the presents we've lined up for all the wine lovers in your life (including you). Cheers! Let the gift giving begin.

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Sparkling Wine and Oysters Kit

Chandon + Food52 'A Taste of the Bay' kit
Courtesy of Food52

For the lover of bubbly and bivalves there's this kit for a sparkling night in. A bottle of Chandon By The Bay Reserve Blanc de Blancs plus curated condiments like hot sauce, hot honey, and tangy shrubs. Add on bay-farmed oysters from Real Oyster Cult—delivered for 50 percent off their usual price—or source them from your favorite fishmonger. Any which way this will be a very festive gift.

Shop Now: A Taste of the Bay Oysters and Sparkling Wine Kit, $75, food52.com.

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Wine Cooler Sleeve

Le Creuset Wine Cooler Sleeve
Courtesy of Le Creuset

For the friend who likes to picnic, this wine cooler sleeve from Le Creuset will both keep their bottle safe during travel and keep it cool thanks to two removable gel packs. Even better, it only takes 30 minutes to chill a bottle and will keep it cool for 90 minutes.

Shop Now: Le Creuset Wine Cooler Sleeve, $25, lecreuset.com.

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Wine from Martha

martha stewart wine co wintry wines
Courtesy of Martha Stewart Wine Co.

The way to a wine lover's heart: A half-case of whites and reds from France, Spain, Argentina, and California, perfectly curated by our founder for winter drinking. Cheers!

Shop Now: Martha Stewart Wine Co. Wintry Wines Half Case, $123.94, marthastewartwine.com.

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Wine Decanter

Luigi Bormioli Magnifico 35-ounce Decanter With Punt Design
Courtesy of Amazon

Do you need a decanter? Maybe not, but an elegant yet durable decanter makes an excellent gift for your wine-loving friend. Plus, while this one looks fancy, it also comes with a budget-friendly price tag. This decanter is machine blown in Parma, Italy, using a proprietary lead-free glass Luigi Bormioli is known for and is even dishwasher safe.

Shop Now: Luigi Bormioli Magnifico 35-Ounce Decanter with Punt Design, $30, amazon.com.

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Wine Rack

11-Bottle Gold Wine Rack
Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

Practical and pretty, this geometric wine rack is a golden hive-like holder for 11 wine bottles. It can be positioned vertically or horizontally.

Shop Now: Crate & Barrel 11-Bottle Gold Wine Rack, $49.95, crateandbarrel.com.

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Better with Bubbles Book

better with bubbles book cover
Courtesy of Rizzoli

A magical deep dive into Champagne and sparkling wines from Ariel Arce, owner of New York City's Air's Champagne Parlor, this book is a visual tour of all the bubbly to know and choose-your-own-adventure tasting guide. Cheers!

Shop Now: Ariel Arce's "Better with Bubbles," $39.95, barnesandnoble.com.

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Stemless White Wine Glasses

Riedel Wing Stemless Chardonnay Glasses
Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Designed for enhancing the enjoyment of white wine, these German-made stemless wine glasses make every pour feel festive. They come packaged in a box of two, ready for gifting.

Shop Now: Riedel Wing Stemless Chardonnay Glasses, $33 for two, williams-sonoma.com.

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Champagne Stopper

Fantes Champagne Stopper
Courtesy of Amazon

Everyone has times when they don't finish the bottle of sparkling wine, and that's when this handy gadget comes in. A Champagne stopper holds the carbonation so there will be bubbles when you reopen the bottle. This classic design is easy to use and has been a fan-favorite since 1906.

Shop Now: Fantes Champagne Stopper, $14.95, amazon.com.

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Red Wine and Chocolate

Justin Vineyards & Winery Just for the Host Deluxe
Courtesy of Justin

Who doesn't love wine and chocolate? That's why this inspired gift from Justin Vineyards is sure to be appreciated. It pairs a bottle of 2019 Justification, a full-bodied blend of cabernet franc and merlot from their Paso Robles estate, with handmade chocolate truffles from The Restaurant at Justin.

Shop Now: Justin Vineyards & Winery Just for the Host Deluxe, $85, justin.com.

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Cheeses for Red Wine

Murray's Cheese red wine lover's collection
Courtesy of Murray's Cheese

Indulge the cheese fans on your list with this curated collection of cave-aged Gruyère, Manchego, Hazen Blue, and other goodies that pair perfectly with red wine. Monthly cheese club subscriptions are also available and make lovely gifts.

Shop Now: Murray's Cheese Red Wine Lover's Collection, $95, murrayscheese.com.

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Crystal Red Wine Glasses

Blomus Red Wine Glasses
Courtesy of Parachute

With a wide top bowl, deep goblet, and elegant stem, this set of red wine glasses enhances the aroma, taste, and experience of every sip of carnigan or merlot. They're crafted out of fine, shatter-resistant Italian crystal and tinted with a subtle, organic hue.

Shop Now: Blomus Red Wine Glasses, $74 for four, parachute.com.

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Corkscrew and Wine Charms

Rabbit Two-Step Corkscrew & Wine Charms Stopper
Courtesy of Food52/Ty Mecham

The ideal stocking stuffer, this handy corkscrew with a built-in foil cutter does a pro job of opening bottles—little wonder it's a favorite of sommeliers. Bonus: It comes with a wine stopper complete with colorful, party-perfect charms for telling those glasses of wine apart.

Shop Now: Rabbit Two-Step Corkscrew and Wine Charms Stopper, $32, food52.com.

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Marble Wine Coaster

williams sonoma Marble Wine Coaster
Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Every wine lover needs a wine coaster to protect surfaces from that tell-tale bottle ring. This practical object becomes gift-worthy as well as functional with this marble coaster. It not only has timeless good looks, it also has rubber feet to safeguard any surface.

Shop Now: Williams Sonoma Marble Wine Coaster, $30, williams-sonoma.com.

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White Wines That Give Back

Dough Wines Expressions of Chardonnay
Courtesy of Dough Wines

Dough Wines is a collaboration between wine company DVWP and the James Beard Foundation, aiming to support systemic change in the culinary arts and beverage professions via restaurant recovery, equality in the kitchen, and food sustainability. That's why gifting this three-bottle pack will delight your loved one on many levels—the wines demonstrate how deliciously different chardonnay can be with a 2014 sparkling brut, a 2019 Wilamette Valley chardonnay, and a 2019 Russian River chardonnay.

Shop Now: Dough Wines "Expressions of Chardonnay," $94, doughwines.com.

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Natural Wine Book

Natural Wine for the People: What It Is, Where to Find It, How to Love It
Courtesy of Ten Speed Press

One for you, one to gift? For all the natural wine lovers on your list, this accessible and entertaining wine guide by Alice Feiring demystifies the world of organic and biodynamic wine, including simple definitions, a list of the producers you need to know, and an appendix of shops and restaurants specializing in natural wine.

Shop Now: Alice Feiring's "Natural Wine for the People: What It Is, Where to Find It, How to Love It," $18.99, amazon.com.

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Orange Wine Club

Orange Glou, 3 bottles a month
Courtesy of Orange Glou

For that special someone who wants to explore skin-contact wine from all over the world, give them a subscription to sommelier Doreen Winkler's orange wine club. She'll send three carefully selected bottles each month, along with tasting notes and pairing suggestions. She also offers one-time gifts of a six- bottle selection.

Shop Now: Orange Glou, from $105 for three bottles, orangeglou.com.

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Wine Bag and Cooler

Uashmama wine bag and cooler
Courtesy of Food52/Ty Mecham

A special bottle becomes even more gift-worthy when you present it in this Italian-made wine bag. Made from water- and stain-resistant paper that's stretched and tanned for a leather-like look, it comes in indigo, natural, sage, blush, stone, brown, and black. You can also grab one with or without a removable cooler pack.

Shop Now: Uashmama Wine Bag and Cooler, from $26, food52.com.

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Wine Fridge

Cuisinart 8-bottle wine cellar fridge
Courtesy of Cuisinart

Both dabblers and dedicated wine drinkers are sure to adore this compact, stainless-steel wine fridge that holds eight bottles and maintains the ideal temperature for preserving wine's flavor and aroma with its quiet thermoelectric cooling system.

Shop Now: Cuisinart Eight-Bottle Wine Cellar Fridge, $199.95, amazon.com.

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Big Macs & Burgundy Book

Bic Macs & Burgundy
Courtesy of Abrams

Forget intimidating! Wine pairing can be as fun and accessible as a glass of sancerre and a bag of Cheetos, or the title combo of Big Macs and Burgundy, uniting acid, fat, salt, and minerals. There are plenty more winning ideas in this lively book by sommelier Vanessa Price.

Shop Now: Adam Laukhuf and Vanessa Price's "Big Macs & Burgundy," $19.99, amazon.com.

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