A Snackable Super Bowl Menu

From game-day appetizers to dessert, this menu is sure to please.

Photo: Nicole Franzen

These are the rules of game day food: Classic Super Bowl snacks must be easy to eat with your hands—and easy to prepare ahead of time, so you can watch the action, too. The recipes here score big on both counts, playing up salty and sweet flavors that make the spread as exciting as the touchdowns. Tequila—baked into the chicken and poured as shots—doesn't hurt, either.

Nicole Franzen

The Drinks

Start things off before kick-off with an assortment of delicious drinks. Make our Black Velvet Stout for a tasty new favorite. And be sure to make our Orange Wheat Shandy for a twist on a game day classic. For a beverage with a bit more oomph, mix our Tequila-Shot Pilsner—its simple and minimal ingredient list makes the tequila stand out, while the drink's flavor profile is sure to delight.

The Main Event

Few things are as pivotal to Super Bowl menus as a rich, creamy dip. Whip up our "Love" Dip with Tortilla Chips and Crudites for a crunchy snack. Our Tequila-Lime Chicken drumsticks pair perfectly with our drink assortments, especially the Tequila-Shot Pilsner. The drumsticks are brushed with a citrus-honey glaze. Meanwhile, mustard is baked between flaky pastry and juicy sausage for our take on Pigs in Blankets.

How to Prepare Pigs in a Blanket

Start by rolling and cutting the pastry. A pizza wheel and a ruler ensure you'll get nine even squares. Next, wrap the sausages and add an egg wash—it'll help seal the pastry around the sausages. Then, add toppings. Brushing with egg and sprinkling with poppy seeds or sea salt adds sheen and crunch that makes these appetizer favorites stand out. Finally, cut them into thirds. Cutting the sausages before freezing makes them quick and easy to bake and serve on game day.


A Winning Dessert

These Chocolaty Pretzel-and-Peanut Cookie Bars are where dessert meets snack mix: Crunchy, savory favorites are baked right into chewy, caramelized condensed milk and chocolate.

What to Make Ahead of Time

Several weeks before, form the pigs in blankets; freeze until firm. Seal in heavy-duty resealable bags; store in the freezer. Three days out, shop for the pantry and fresh ingredients, beer, and liquor. Make cookie bars; store in a cool spot. The day before, juice oranges for cocktails and limes for chicken marinade; refrigerate. Chill beer and sparkling wine. Two hours before guests arrive, marinate and bake chicken. Mix dip. Cut vegetables for crudités. Cut oranges and limes for garnish. Set up the food buffet and beer bar. Once guests arrive, bake pigs in blankets and mix shandy.

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